What Makes a Great Addiction Recovery Experience?

If you ask someone who lives in the Nashville area who’s already in recovery about their recovery, you’ll get mixed opinions.

Some people are happy getting clean anywhere that prescribes Suboxone. Others, who don’t wish to be treated like cattle require a more personalized experience.

This is where Nashville Suboxone Recovery shines.

Nashville Suboxone Recovery isn’t like other treatment centers. It’s extremely clean, has a warm/welcoming vibe to it, and most of all has the kindest, most understanding recovery staff you’ll ever meet. This got us thinking… What makes us unique compared to other Suboxone clinics in Nashville?

The answer comes from constant feedback from our patients. You see, we want to hear when when we’re doing things right, but also when we’re not. The only way to grow is be willing to change when people make suggestions.

In truth, we can’t claim to be great, especially since it’s been at the suggestions of our patients that we’ve become who we are today.

Below is a short list of what our patients love about Nashville Suboxone Recovery, and what they feel makes us special compared to other Nashville area Suboxone clinics.

  • Same Day Appointments
    9 times out of 10 we get people in the first time they call. Our owner Drew Bourke knows what it’s like to finally be ready to get clean and not being able to find a clinic with openings and he ain’t havin’ it any other way. (Schedule same day Suboxone therapy now)
  • Super-Friendly Staff
    When people come into Nashville Suboxone Recovery ready to get clean, the last thing they need is attitude. They need a friendly, caring staff who is eager to help them on the road to feeling better. “Kill ’em with kindness” is our M.O.
  • Comfortable Atmosphere
    Nashville Suboxone Recovery feels a little more like your living room than it does a doctor’s office and that’s on purpose. We want people to relax, watch TV, chill out and be ready to receive great recovery.
  • Snacks, Fresh Coffee and Sparkling Spring Water
    Maybe these things aren’t critical to recovery, but people sure seem to enjoy getting them for free 🙂
  • Outstanding Doctors
    Our doctors are here because they chose recovery as their profession, not a side job. And, they genuinely care about helping people recover.
  • Amazing Therapy Staff
    Our therapists ask questions and offer advice for living a happier, drug-free life. Isn’t that what therapy is for in the first place?
  • Help with Other Struggles
    If only addiction were simple, right? The truth is, many people in recovery require assistance with anxiety, depression, ADHD and other issues. Our therapist’s credentials allow us to dual diagnose, allowing us to treat multiple symptoms all at one low price.
  • Affordable
    Where else can you get a doctor’s appointment, help with addiction, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD & sleep disorders, weekly private therapy sessions and daily follow-up for just $350 per month?

Go ahead – Make the call (or text) today to (615) 431-3701 to begin a new way of life that’s filled with purpose and happiness. You can even save $10 off your monthly visit by booking and paying online here.

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