What is Being Addicted Actually Costing You?

So many times we get inquiries from people who are stuck in the miserable cycle of addiction looking for a cure of any kind. They can’t imagine life with drugs, and they can’t imagine life without drugs. All they know is that they’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and they’re quickly going broke buying pills on the street at $10 per 10mg of oxycodone.

Living with active addiction is costing people much more than they might actually realize. Addiction also affects:

  • Finances
  • Family
  • Health
  • Well Being


How much money are people spending when buying pills on the street? $2000 to $3000 isn’t abnormal.
Well, it’s pretty easy to spend $1500+ every month, and still be craving the heck out of oxy. At $10 per 10mg of oxy on the street, it’s easy to spend your whole paycheck week after week, and still not feel totally satisfied, or live withdrawal-free. A typical habit of 100mg of oxycodone per day will cost $100 daily. Spending $100 per day over the course of a month and you’ve got a $3000 per month drug habit. This is why so many people turn to heroin – It costs less and can be snorted. Sadly, most heroin also contains fentanyl which makes the drug stronger and far more dangerous. Fentanyl is also the reason there are so many overdoses on heroin these days.


Addiction ruins families. Getting help is the first step to restoring your family.
Even if family isn’t saying anything, most are aware when someone close to them is struggling with substance abuse. Erratic behavior, money missing, credit card debt, depression, anxiety, etc. Others know when we’re not ourselves, even if we don’t think they know. Kids are especially receptive when mom or dad aren’t themselves anymore. The last thing we want is for our children to see us in the throws of addiction. The good news is most families are supportive when someone asks for help with drug abuse. If for any reason your family isn’t supportive, talk to a trusted friend and tell them you need help. Your family will surely appreciate the difference once you’ve taken action against your addiction.


Near the end of my addiction I was tired, lazy, overweight and in the worst shape of my life. I had lost all drive to take care of myself.
Addiction robs us of, well, ourselves. We stop caring about our health, or feeling good, our well being, exercise, and motivation. The only thing that matters to us is “do we have enough drugs to last us?“. Freeing ourselves of our addictions means feeling good again. Getting back into good mental and physical health. Playing more with our children. Taking better care of our families, our belongings and ourselves. Most patients tell us they started doing things in their first week of treatment that they hadn’t done in years!

Well Being

When was the last time you felt great? It’s time to get that feeling back.
Depression and anxiety are partners with addiction due to both psychological and chemical reasons. Our body’s chemical producers go on vacation when we take drugs and leave us depleted of chemicals necessary for good physical and mental health. It won’t happen overnight, but your body will eventually begin to restore your chemical balance in a matter of months. One of the many benefits of Suboxone is that people often feel a sense of well being, as well as not feeling withdrawals and cravings. This simple change is often the catalyst that gets people moving again toward better eating, exercise, being a better worker and better parents.

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