Top 5 Things Addicts Must Do to Get Clean and Stay Clean

If you’re like most people who are addicted, then you’re probably spending most of your day counting pills, calling people who sell pills or heroin, scrounging up the money to pay for pills or heroin, selling personal items to pay for your pills or heroin, and living a life in an invisible jail cell known as ADDICTION.

Addiction Sucks

Anyone who’s lived addiction knows it’s how depressing and shameful you can feel while in the middle of it. It can feel like there’s no escape, since quitting means days (weeks?) of withdrawals and discomfort.

There is a Solution

You do NOT have to continue living addicted. You just need the right set of tools and professional advice to get clean and stay clean. Call an inpatient or outpatient clinic like Suboxone Clinics Nashville, and let them guide you toward a life that is free from drug abuse.

It’s probably easier than you think 🙂

Getting clean from opiates requires a few tools, but there’s also a few things you need to do after you get clean to avoid relapse.

While this list could be much longer, we thought it best to round it down to the 5 most important things you need to do to get clean and stay clean:

  1. Suboxone – Without some form of medicine to help you transition off of whatever opiates you’re currently taking, it’s going to be a long, rough road filled with withdrawals and extreme discomfort. Suboxone can relieve you of withdrawals and cravings, while also giving your brain and your body a chance to “reset” from the nasty things drugs do to your system.
  2. Therapy – Addiction is a disease, but typically there are “drivers” that make many people take drugs in the first place. Until you begin resolving the issues that are driving your addiction, you stand a very high chance of relapse.
  3. Group Recovery – Most people in AA or NA will tell you they did not want to come to meetings. Yet, most people who attend will tell you it’s a life-changer. For many, group recovery is where they learn the tools and “growing-up” they somehow missed early on in life. Group recovery also helps people feel they are not alone, since they are filled with like-minded people who are typically facing similar challenges.
  4. Change Your Atmosphere – It’s not always possible to move, but there are many things you can do to avoid “relapse triggers”, like:
    – Get a new phone number
    – Get a new email address
    – Stop associating with anyone who drinks or does drugs
    – Tell your friends and family you are in recovery and need their support
    – Find new friends in group recovery who are like-minded
    – If applicable, tell your boss about your recovery. You might be surprised at how helpful they can be.
  5. Take Action NOW – Until you take action, you can assume tomorrow will be the same as today. Don’t wake up addicted another day! Pick up the phone and make the call to a reputable treatment center like Nashville Recovery. Nashville Recovery’s staff is ready to help you transition using both medicine and one-on-one therapy. Eliminate withdrawals and cravings, and start a new way of life with a team that helps hundreds of people just like you every month. You just have to call or text to get started.

The time to get clean is right now. Call or text for an appointment this week at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville: (615) 431-3701

Make the call. Get your life back.


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