The Nashville Suboxone Recovery 5-Part Recovery Solution

The not so good news: Opioid recovery requires more than just medication.

The good news: Nashville Suboxone Recovery has opioid recovery down to a science.

1. Medication
Medication (Suboxone) is certainly an important part of recovery. Suboxone allows the physical aspects of addiction to be stabilized, which means the body can reset its chemicals, typically without withdrawals and cravings. It also means freeing up the mind, since it will no longer be focused solely on getting more opioids (aka: Chasing Pills) The video below explains the benefits of taking Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv, or Subutex (and generic brands) vs. taking opioids and heroin.

2. Therapy
One on one therapy means people get to discuss life events and traumas, the things that often trigger opioid use in the first place. While many addicts started with a physical pain problem, their addiction eventually becomes a method for escaping emotional pain and traumas. Therapy is the bridge that helps them resolve these emotional issues, and begin a new way of thinking. Therapy also provides a set of tools for coping with new events as they arise.

3. Education
Recovery education is key to great recovery. This is both a general education about do’s and don’ts, as well as specific teachings like the importance of group recovery, better life habits and making better decisions. Recovery education takes place between doctor, therapist, administrative staff and the patients. The administrative staff at Nashville Suboxone Recovery is deeply involved with each patients recovery since they are often the front line between patient and doctor and patient and therapist. Great recovery programs begin with a staff that is well-educated in recovery, as well as providing their first-hand recovery experience.

4. Daily Contact
It’s nearly impossible to recovery from addiction alone. In fact, research is now proving that a lack of community is often a key motivator for people who become addicted. Needing to feel you are a part of a large group is key to recovery, and important in life. Nashville Suboxone Recovery provides daily follow-up for your first three months in recovery. These messages include motivation tips, recovery meeting locators, life hacks, check-in’s, sobriety reminders and a whole lot more. The goal is remind you daily that our staff is a part of your recovery, and are here to help seven days per week.

5. Technology
Telemedicine can’t replace meeting in-person, but it can certainly help when situations arise that would otherwise prevent treatment from occurring at all. COVID has imposed new challenges to healthcare, making telemedicine a necessity.

Dual Diagnosis Ready

Nashville Suboxone Recovery is one of few state licensed addiction clinics to offer dual diagnosis to people with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, ADHD, PTSD and more. Our board certified physicians and MBA-level therapists are specialists in treating addiction and many other mental disorders.

Here’s what one patient said after just two weeks of experiencing Nashville Recovery’s five-part Addiction Recovery Program:

Help with Anxiety and Depression
In some cases people need more than just addiction medicine. In reality, anxiety and depression can often be the basis for addiction, and have to be treated as part of the recovery process in order for real growth to occur. Nashville Suboxone Recovery’s staff is one of very few in the Nashville region that has the credentials to diagnose and treat people with depression and anxiety, as well as treating their addiction.

Kindness and Respect to All Patients
The staff at Nashville Suboxone Recovery treats everyone with kindness and respect. (Read our Google reviews) We are genuinely glad to see each and every patient, since we know they will find solutions here. We extend this enthusiasm along with motivation using a daily outreach program. Our owner Drew Bourke, sends the daily follow-up messages to patients for their first 120 days in their recovery. These are interactive messages that provide recovery tips, group recovery meeting suggestions, check-in’s, gratitude lists, sobriety date reminders, and much, much more. All, from a person who has many years of successful addiction recovery as a result of this very program.

We mean it when we say, “We look forward to meeting you”.

Continued Growth
While no recovery solution is perfect, Nashville Suboxone Recovery is constantly seeking the tools and information to make our patient’s recovery the best it can possibly be. As medicine, therapies and technology evolve, so will we. That means our patients will always receive the best and latest recovery treatments that can be offered. Let’s grow together.

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