Are Suboxone Telemedicine Appointments Here to Stay?

Suboxone Telemedicine appointments are available by phone Nashville Recovery Clinic

Not that long ago Suboxone telemedicine appointments were simply unheard of. To get a prescription for Suboxone meant jumping through hoops and sometimes enduring some very long wait times at a local Suboxone clinic. Well, all that has changed thanks to COVID 19 and Suboxone telemedicine appointments are here to stay.

For the longest time Suboxone got a bad wrap, primarily due to ignorance. Not only with the public, but also the medical community itself. People just didn’t understand Suboxone, nor did they understand the many benefits.

The old (very ignorant) stigma Suboxone suffered from was that people were simply trading one drug for another. The many benefits of Suboxone were simply unknown to most. But, as need determines usage, the demand for Suboxone became too large to ignore.

The addicted community quickly realized they had found a solution for their problem, it just took the public and the medical community to catch up to what they already knew.

The benefits of Suboxone are grossly better than taking oxycodone, OxyContin, Opana, hydrocodone and percocet, not to mention the more dangerous street drugs like heroin and fentanyl.

Thanks to COVID 19, Suboxone telemedicine appointments became acceptable

Way back in March 2020 many states decided that taking care of their recovery community was more important than procedures and protocols. In some ways they stated, “Do whatever you need to do to take care of people in recovery through the pandemic.” What a brilliant move that was.

As we later learned by living through the first year of COVID, many people in the recovery community relapsed due to isolation, not to mention the large number of people who suffered a substantial loss of income, more than 95% of AA and NA group recovery meetings being temporarily closed, businesses closing, and various other trials and tribulations that made life extremely difficult for an addict or alcoholic in recovery.

The good news is, Suboxone telemedicine appointments not only allowed for the continuation of medication-assisted recovery treatment, it also provided a bridge for face-to-face communication to many people who were either secluded due to having COVID or having been exposed to it, and also those who were fearful of getting COVID by going out in public.

Why would someone want to do a Suboxone telemedicine appointment vs. a clinic appointment?

Easy – Convenience!

If you’re struggling from opioid addiction, having the ability to be seen by using your phone, laptop of tablet from most anywhere in the world means fewer barriers and hurdles necessary in order to get the medicine you need to stay clean. But , as anyone in recovery will tell you, Suboxone alone is not the key to great recovery.

Therapy also received a huge benefit as a result of Suboxone Telemedicine appointments because it means people in recovery can connect with their recovery therapist while taking a lunch break, while driving home from work, or even while taking a short break.

“Nashville Recovery witnessed an increase of 15% in therapy sessions thanks to Suboxone telemedicine appointments”

Therapy and group recovery along side Suboxone are the keys to great recovery, not Suboxone alone. Suboxone is simply a tool that allows someone who’s addicted to opioids to feel and perform quite normally without “getting high”, without withdrawals and without cravings.

Suboxone is the catalyst that allows for therapy to work. Recovery-based therapy requires a clear head and simply doesn’t work very well for anyone who’s under the influence of euphoric opioid drugs like oxycodone. 

“Telemedicine made therapy more accessible. The result: More people engaged”

not all making a Suboxone telemedicine appointment today. Recovery has never been easier, less expensive or easier to get. And, by finding the right clinic you enhance your possibility of long-term success in recovery.

Do it right and you’ll only have to do it once.

If you live in the Nashville, TN area and are considering joining a recovery program for opioid addiction, please consider Nashville Recovery.

Nashville Recovery has been a leader in the medication-assisted recovery space for years, being one of the highest-rated among all recovery clinics. Nashville Recovery was also one of the very first clinic to provide Suboxone telemedicine appointments to new and existing patients.

We’ve got recovery down to a science – A simple step-by-step opioid program that most anyone can do and achieve long-term sobriety.

Schedule a Suboxone telemedicine appointment today and begin a new way of life tomorrow.

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