Suboxone Clinic Near Me

Call (615) 431-3701 to schedule a Suboxone appointment near you

Looking for the best, closest Suboxone clinic near you? Nashville Recovery is probably closer than you think.

Established in 2017, Nashville Recovery is an out-patient Suboxone treatment center that uses a three-part recovery process to help people suffering from narcotic / opiate addiction.

  • Medicine
    Suboxone, or similar burpenorphine & naloxone drug is proescribed, helping the patient avoid withdrawals, while preventing the need and want to get “high”. According to most Suboxone users, there’s no “high” associated with taking the drug, and they feel “normal” again, like they did before they started taking narcotic pain killers and benzos.
    We even help our patients get two weeks of medication free!*
  • Therapy
    We believe a healthy mind is part of recovery, which is why our patients meet with a licensed therapist. One-on-one therapy is how we help our patients get relief from drug abuse and addiction.
  • Education
    For those seeking meetings and /or other forms of recovery, our staff can provide many resources for long-term, healthy recovery.

What are you waiting for? Call (615) 431-3701 today and get your life back.

*Zubsolve first-time user program

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