A Suboxone Clinic Could Have Prevented My Brother’s Death

Suboxone Clinic in Nashville. TN treating opioid addiction, depression and anxiety

Back in 2005 it was difficult if not impossible to find a Suboxone clinic or doctor who prescribes Suboxone. In 2005 my oldest brother Jeff died in his sleep from opioid overdose. He’d taken too many oxycodone & OxyContin pills before falling asleep forever. He bought pain pills on the street daily and had been addicted just for five short years. He simply could not function without an opioid in his system. Receiving the phone call about his death was one of the worst moments of my life.

The crazy thing is, I too was in the midst of opioid addiction in 2005 – the same time my brother died. I kept telling myself, “I have this under control. Why couldn’t he control how much he took every day? I don’t have a problem like he did. I’m in control of my addiction.

Just two years later I would be in the same boat he was – walking a fine line by getting close to overdose at times. Falling asleep in the daytime, waking up only to take more pills. Day after day after day. This went on for another 6 years. Lying to doctors, lying to pharmacies, buying pills on the street at $50 each. It’s no wonder I went broke. I was spending over $2500 per month on oxycodone and OxyContin pills. I really should be dead.

My dumb mistake – Going to inpatient treatment instead of a Suboxone clinic

Finally, in 2013 after losing almost everything, I checked myself into rehab. I was sure a two week stint at a good rehab would solve all of my problems. Once I got rid of the drugs I’d be fine, right? I had looked at a Suboxone clinic, but just didn’t think it was right for me. I also had a negative opinion about Suboxone clinics because I took a friend to one and was not impressed. It was dark, dingy, and felt like a parole officer’s office.

Turns out, inpatient drug treatment was not the solution for me. I don’t have anything against inpatient treatment, but I personally don’t know of anyone who’s come out and never touched a drug or drink again. Why? You can’t unwind years of opioid abuse in a matter of weeks. Recovery takes time, both physically and mentally. I relapsed 6 times in only 5 weeks after leaving inpatient treatment. My withdrawals lasted 13 days and nights, and then I felt like I’d been hit by a train. I could barely walk, I had no energy. No “want to” either. I just wanted to sleep. It felt like that for two full months. I went back to my pain doctor and convinced them I needed more pills. It seemed like my only solution. If only I had known a Suboxone clinic was the better solution.

“You can’t unwind years of opioid abuse in a matter of weeks.”

What finally saved my life was a Suboxone clinic. I went there for over a year and looked forward to every visit. Suboxone immediately made me feel “normal” again. I got my energy back, my “want to” came back, and my withdrawal symptoms vanished. Now, I was not only feeling great, but I had motivation again and was ready to begin changing my life. I simply could not believe a Suboxone clinic was the solution to my 13 year drug habit.

Sadly, the Suboxone clinic I went to closed in 2016 due to doctor relocation. I was crushed. I looked and looked for another Suboxone clinic but just didn’t care for the places I found in the Nashville area. Honestly, I actually felt dirty when I walked into some of them.

Luckily, I had some friends in the medical field and was determined to create a solution: I wanted to create a Suboxone clinic that I would want to visit. A place that’s clean, casual, and where the staff would treat people with kindness and respect no matter what. Even if someone relapses, they should be treated with kindness and respect.

“I wanted to create a Suboxone clinic that I would want to visit.”

With the help of many people, in October 2017 I opened Nashville Recovery. Nashville Recovery is a place I want to visit. Nashville Recovery is clean, casual, and our incredible staff treats everyone with kindness and respect – no matter what. Even when a client relapses they are treated with kindness and respect. Sadly, relapse is a part of recovery. Getting back on track is all that matters.

Since October 2017, Nashville Recovery has helped over 1500 people with opioid addiction, including me.

My brother’s death was a horrible tragedy and as it turns out, totally unnecessary. If he had found a Suboxone clinic like I had, then he might still be alive.

If there’s a silver cloud to this story, it’s this: My brother’s death actually helped save my life. Which then motivated me to create a solution that is helping lots of people in the Nashville area.

For that, I am grateful.

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