Starting Suboxone from Home with Telemedicine Nashville

There isn’t much good to say about COVID 19, especially knowing how many people are hurting from having their income taken away. Yet, there may be one benefit of COVID 19 that has changed or even possibly saved a few lives – Telemedicine in Nashville.

Prior to March 2020 it was confusing at best knowing if telemedicine was allowed for addiction treatment in the Nashville area. That’s because addiction medicine is considered “controlled substances” and controlled substances are not allowed to be prescribed via telemedicine. COVID 19 changed all of that, allowing board certified physicians the ability to treat addiction and prescribe Suboxone using phone and video calls.

Nashville Recovery is offering two telemedicine programs via telemedicine that make it easy for anyone to begin addiction treatment from home – A two week program and a four week program.

The two week program costs $200 and includes the doctor visit and up to two, private therapy sessions (phone, video or in-person). The four week program costs $350 and includes the doctor visit and up to four, private therapy sessions (save $50). The two week program is meant to be a starter for those unsure about Suboxone treatment. While it makes better financial sense to do the four week program, getting started is the most important factor.

Benefits of Suboxone

  • Allows you to stop taking opioids while virtually eliminating withdrawals and cravings
  • No “high” feeling
  • Return to work and family while feeling normal again
  • Monthly visits means no feelings of “chasing drugs”
  • No missed work

Want to start Suboxone treatment from home today? Click here to begin your journey to sober living.

Start Suboxone from Home

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