Secret to Success #2

Ever heard of The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is simple yet incredibly powerful. It can give you most anything you want in life if you want it bad enough.

Here’s how the law of attraction works:

  • Think about something you really want in life.
  • Close your eyes and imagine you already have it.
  • Imagine in great detail what it’s like to ALREADY have this thing in your life.
  • Do this as often as possible, and watch what happens!

Why the Law of Attraction Works
The law of attraction isn’t magic or wizardry, it’s science. When you think about something as if it already exists and focus on it as often as possible, you bring it into existence.

There’s a saying: “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand”.

Still Not Buying It? Here’s Proof it Works
Look around you. Everything you see near you started as an idea. It may be a lamp, a pencil, a car, a house, or even a person. Everything you see in your life began as an idea in someone’s brain.

Maybe they wrote it down, drew it on paper, crafted it from wood, designed it on a computer, etc. Everything you can see started as an idea in someone’s head, and they turned it into reality by focusing on it.

What Else Happens?
Glad you asked! When you focus on things intently, you attract the things that can and will make it a reality. Again, this is science, not magic. Subconsciously, your brain begins to look for and acquire the tools, people and resources it needs to make your vision a reality.

Suddenly, you’re meeting people who want similar things. Resources start appearing that bring you closer to your vision. In other words, “$hit starts happening” that turns your “want” into a “got”. This happens on a level even science does not yet understand.

You’ve Already Done This
Think about it – You’ve “willed” things into existence before in life. Look around you. Did you want that car? That phone? That child? That job? You already have the tools you need to get what you want, you just need to focus on it and believe you deserve it! And, I’m here to tell you – YOU DESERVE IT.

The Best Way to Attract What You Really Want
Start every morning writing down three things you’re already grateful for in life. It may be your family, your bed, hot water, your job, etc. Just make sure you’re really grateful for the thing you write down.

Then, write this one sentence, filling in the gap at the end with whatever it is that you want:

I am so happy now that I already have _________________________.

Prove Me (Drew) Wrong
Do the above exercise each day when you wake up, and again right before you go to bed. See what happens in just one week. Tell me if you’re not seeing some kind of results that are leading you closer and closer toward your dream coming true.

If I’m wrong, text me at (615) 431-3701.
If I’m right, text me at (615) 431-3701.

The things I’m asking you to do have worked for me over and over again in life. You just have to do them and you WILL see results!