Save Money AND Increase Your Odds at Nashville Recovery

Two great reasons why you should stick to a monthly program at Nashville Recovery (vs. doing a “two week” program):
1. Saves you money
2. Increases your odds of staying clean / avoiding relapse

Not Theory – Actual Data
Recently, we reviewed our data. We compared patients who started on the previously available “$200 Two Week”program, vs. those who pay monthly. When we first offered the $200 two week program, we were sure we were helping people. What we found was very surprising.

  • Patients who pay every two weeks are 5 times more likely to either stop their recovery or relapse. They also pay $50 more per month on visit costs, and up to $73 more on prescriptions.
  • Patients who pay monthly have been 500% more successful staying in the program, and save $50 per month on visit costs, and up to $73 on their prescriptions.

Paying Monthly Means Better Recovery
If your brain knows it has a 30-day supply of medicine, then it lets go of the “chasing drugs” mentality, leaving it space to think about living a normal life, being a better parent, being a better spouse, a better worker, a better son or daughter.

If you started on a two week program or if you’ve gotten into the habit of weekly or biweekly appointments, do yourself a favor and switch to a monthly recovery program at Nashville Suboxone Recovery.