Recovery Takes Time – Make Sure You Choose the Right Clinic

It’s nearly impossible to unwind 5, 10 or 15 years of addiction in two months. Recovery from opioid addiction is a life-long process that begins with medication, therapy, and support.

Some people say it takes your body chemistry a full year to “reset” after quitting narcotic intake. Some say longer.

Physically, mentally and spiritually (yes, recovery is a spiritual journey) is something that unfolds like a flower. It takes time, care, attention, and a series of processes that help people transition from a life filled with drugs into a life filled with happiness and joy.

Much More than Just Medicine
Most people will phone a clinic like Suboxone Clinics of Nashville and ask about the medication. Yes, Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv and the generics are part of the process. But there’s much more to successful recovery than just medicine.

One-On-One Therapy
Without therapy, you’re just taking medicine. Suboxone Clinics of Nashville sees a lot of patients who come from other clinics and doctors who are tired of simply having their prescription refilled each month. They know there’s more to addiction recovery tan just medicine, and they want more.

“Most people want better recovery. They want more than just a prescription refill every month.”

Therapy allows those addicted to communicate their troubles, hardships, challenges, etc. In some ways, addiction therapy is like grieving over a death. When people get clean a lot can change. Though most always for the better, even good change can be scary.

Most people new to the program of recovery at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville are terrified their first visit. They can’t imagine NOT taking drugs, and the thought of stopping can be scary as hell.

“The thought of NOT taking drugs can be scary as hell.”

Daily Follow-Up
Suboxone Clinics of Nashville reaches out to their patients on a daily basis. Yes, DAILY! The purpose is to help people feel connected to something larger than themselves, so they know they have a support team.

Suboxone Clinics of Nashville’s owner – Drew Bourke, sends these messages to his patients because he understands what it’s like to be lost in the midst of addiction, and feel like there’s no hope.

Life Tips & Individualized Support
Along with daily support, Drew Bourke also offers tips and advice to patients who are looking to stay clean, and live a more fulfilled life. Drew provides advice regarding goal-setting, making gratitude lists, 30-day challenges, and much more to help people get exposed to life hacks they may otherwise miss.

“There’s no one way to get clean and stay clean. Everyone is unique. I send little life tips out every day to all patients who want them, knowing that eventually someone will see something that benefits them in some little way. Maybe it’s a motivational video we recommend, or making a list of things they appreciate each morning. 

Are you ready to try a new type of recovery clinic that offers tools you simply cannot find anywhere else? If so, then Suboxone Clinics of Nashville is ready to help you succeed!

Our mission is to make people feel good while in recovery, and to make sure they know they are not alone.”

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