Read Our Great Reviews – And, Our Not So Great Ones

Suboxone Clinics of Nashville has an amazing clientele who chose us based on our friendly, caring culture, and our individualized, therapy-driven approach to addiction recovery. Some of these patients have taken the time to leave us an excellent review in Google or Yelp. The words they say about Suboxone Clinics of Nashville pretty much says it all:

  • Staff here is more-caring than at other clinics
  • Environment is clean, friendly, and welcoming
  • Staff spends more time with each patient / actually listens to patients
  • Provides individualized care, vs. “cookie-cutter” approach to recovery
  • Provides great support after hours and between visits
  • Daily follow-up is helpful for great recovery (Daily follow-up’s include check-in’s, recovery tips, meeting suggestions, lifestyle changes, motivational materials, and much more)

On the other hand, we’ve also had people (not necessarily patients) leave us “not so good” reviews, most of which were based on financial reasons:

  • Upset that the clinic would not provide doctor & therapist recovery treatment “free of charge”
  • Upset that the clinic was unable to write a prescription for Suboxone without seeing the patient first
  • Upset that the clinic does not offer credit (treatment and prescriptions now, but pay later)

Our philosophy is that in order to recover from addiction, you need more than just medicine. That’s why weekly therapy is included in the cost of our monthly Suboxone recovery program. And, to provide both a doctor and a therapist to each of our patients (not to mention rent, utilities, insurance, supplies, etc), we have to charge for our services.

We appreciate all reviews… even the bad ones.

For one, it’s not realistic that any business would have all 5 star reviews. Typically, this would mean that only “happy patients” are being given the opportunity to leave a review. Not at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville. We welcome all reviews, even the not so good ones.

Why in the world would we welcome bad reviews?

When someone is frustrated, it usually means there was a misunderstanding of some sort. We’re not perfect, and we’re going to make mistakes just like everyone else. When we do, we try our best to remedy the situation as quickly, and professionally as possible. Negative reviews can and do help us keep focused on our primary mission: Outstanding patient care. Negative reviews can also let us know if/when we’re falling short of our mission, and/or not providing clear enough communication to our new and existing recovery patients.

Simplified Pricing for Everyone

We think it’s best to provide a pricing structure that is reasonable, while giving our patients a feeling of value received. We want people to feel they’ve received a bargain, gotten more than they’ve paid for, and ultimately, received excellent recovery services.

We offer two different pricing strategies for our patients. We encourage everyone to pay by the month, but we do offer twice monthly payments for those who cannot pay the full amount all at once. By paying monthly, our patients not only receive piece of mind that they will not need a refill for 30 days or more, they also relieve themselves from the “pill-chasing mindset” that often accompanies frequent medication refills at other clinics.

Here’s how our pricing works, and what our patients receive in exchange for their hard-earned money:

Monthly Visit Cost: $350
Includes a doctor visit, a month’s of prescriptions written, and 4 individualized therapy sessions.

Two Week Visit Cost: $200
Includes a doctor visit, two weeks of prescriptions written, and 2 individualized therapy sessions.

Think for a moment – Where else can you get a doctor’s visit, prescriptions written, and four therapist sessions for only $350?

Save $10 off your first appointment
You can even prepay while scheduling your first appointment and save $10!

Don’t just get clean, transform your life!

If you or someone you know is struggling with opioid addiction, Nashville Suboxone Clinics has the solution that can not only get them clean, but also transform their life.

Call or text us at (615) 431-3701, or click the blue button to schedule your recovery solution now. There’s no reason to suffer any longer.

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