It’s Never Been Easier to Get Clean than Right Now

Years ago, after losing my oldest brother to addiction, I thought I’d cut back and get my habit under control. What actually happened s that I went further down the rabbit hole, increasing my dose, and then shopping for pills through friends, neighbors, and eventually anywhere I could find them.

I wanted to get clean, but I was scared.

I couldn’t imagine living WITH pills, and I couldn’t imagine living WITHOUT pills. I honestly believed that it would not be possible for me to ever live life with taking pain meds again.

I didn’t know where to turn for my addiction.

Just the thought of quitting taking Oxycodone every 2-3 hours made me sick to my stomach. How could I ever isolate myself from my family long enough to get through the withdrawals, and then feel like a truck had run me over for a couple of months? It just wasn’t a possibility.

Suboxone saved my life.

I went to a clinic far away from Nashville, spoke with a doctor, and he told me how Suboxone works. He told me I would not be uncomfortable, I would not have withdrawals and that I would most likely lose all of the cravings associated with taking these pills for over 12+ years.

I couldn’t imagine being clean, free from withdrawals, free of cravings, but Suboxone did this and so much more for me.

I ran out of pills the night before, so it was “do or die” for me that January 9, 2014. I took the medicine within an hour of leaving the clinic. Within 30 minutes of taking Suboxone, I knew I had finally found my solution. My shaking stopped, my cravings went away, my head started clearing up, my appetite came back, and I felt like being productive for the first time in many years.

I haven’t touched a single pill since January 9, 2013, and I have no desire to do so.

After 13 years of abusing narcotics, losing my brother to OxyContin, and almost losing everything in my life that mattered, I finally found something that worked – Suboxone.

Suboxone allowed me to get back to my life, and now it’s better than ever before.

If you’re struggling with pain pills, heroin, or any other opioid medication and you’re ready to quit, but don’t know how to do it, do what I did – Make the call.

Nashville Recovery can provide a simple daily plan that includes medication (Suboxone) that will relieve you of withdrawals, cravings, etc. so you can get your life back.

Nashville Recovery now reaches out to their patients on a daily basis to make sure they’re doing well, and even provide tips for better living, staying clean, and learning to live happy and healthy, all free from drugs.

Call or text Nashville Recovery today, and change your life forever: (615) 431-3701.

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