Patient Contract

Welcome to Better Recovery at Nashville Recovery!

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service and give you the most flexible and accommodating appointments. All, while staying within the buprenorphine guidelines issued by The State of Tennessee.

Why the Need for a Contract?

As regulations change, so must we. Having a simple contract like this one helps us all avoid unnecessary mistakes, and make clear what is required of you to begin (or continue) a program of recovery at Nashville Recovery.

What’s Changing?

Appointments and phone refills are changing. Not to worry though, as these changes may have little to no effect on you. In fact, most of our patients are already participating in an identical program.

Phone Refills

On occasion, Nashville Recovery may offer you a medication refill by phone. Phone refills can only be performed when the patient (you) can arrive at the next available appointment date. Should you fail to keep your appointment after a phone refill has been performed, it will most likely mean termination from the program. You will always be required to make full payment on the date of the phone refill. Typically, Nashville Recovery will call-in enough medicine for you to make it to your next appointment. Monthly refills without an appointment are not possible.

Monthly Appointments  (Important!)

Our mission is to save you money, give you better recovery, and help you avoid thinking about medication refills. A monthly appointment schedule allows exactly that – An opportunity to save you money, receive weekly therapy (at no additional charge), and help you avoid thinking about medication refills.

Monthly Program Details

  • You will typically receive a month’s worth of medication at each monthly appointment. (Pending doctor’s decision)
  • “Two week” appointments will no longer be available. (“One week” appointments have been terminated)
  • A paid appointment with the doctor is required at least once every five (5) weeks in order to stay in the program. (Therapy is also provided with your monthly visit)
  • You can schedule weekly therapy visits at no additional charge.
  • Any phone refills provided will require you to attend the next soonest appointment date.
  • The monthly appointment cost is $350.

If you agree to all of the items listed above and wish to continue a program of recovery at Nashville Recovery, please fill-in and submit the form below. We look forward to serving you with the best recovery possible!