The Opioid Epidemic in Tennessee – Educate Your Children Now

The Opioid Epidemic in Tennessee is at crisis-level. Your children will sooner or later be introduced to drugs. Your children are far more likely to make better decisions when educated regarding the risks of these powerful drugs.

Just recently, Kid Central sent out a wonderful education piece about educating your children about opioids. The article includes what to say, when to say it, where to store prescription drugs, and much more.
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If you, or anyone in your household is taking a narcotic medicine of any kind, this article is a must read. Your children need to know the dangers associated with narcotic medications, and education is the best prevention.

If you’re addicted to any opioid or opiate medication, heroin, and/or are buying drugs on the street, we have a plan that will get you clean and keep you clean. Monthly doctor visits along with weekly therapy visits and education are the keys to recovery.

Only you can make this choice. When you’re ready for us, we’re ready to help.

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