The Opiate Cure – The Opiate Curse

Nashville Recovery has treatment programs to help people with addiction

Books have been written by medical professionals claiming opiates provide relief to depression, anxiety, and other non-pain related issues. The problem with all theories related to “relief” regarding opiates, is that opiates are highly-addictive, and once addicted, there’s often no turning back.

Some individuals are able to take pain medications temporarily for pain relief, often post-surgery. When the time comes to taper off narcotics they simply follow their doctor’s orders, and are rid of opiates with little to no discomfort.

Then, there are addicts. People who have a very different reaction to opiates once in their system. They find that drugs like hydrocodone, OxyContin, oxycodone, and other opiate pain relievers are not so easy to stop taking. In fact, the desire to take them often becomes a focal point, where nothing else seems to matter. Their only goal is “make sure I have enough “.

while there may not be a cure for addiction, there are treatment programs at Suboxone Nashville that when practiced along side a 12-step program, can mean returning to a “normal” life, return to jobs, return to their families.

if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call or contact Suboxone Nashville today. Get your life back.

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