Newly Remodeled Addiction Recovery Clinic – Nashville Suboxone Recovery

If you haven’t been to Nashville Suboxone Recovery in a few months, then you’re in for a surprise when you return.

In December 2018 Nashville Suboxone Recovery moved from Suite C1 to Suite C3 at 5722 Hickory Plaza Drive in Nashville. The move was a much needed step to accommodate the growing number of patients, and was also necessary for the new direction the clinic is offering its guests.

According to Nashville Suboxone Recovery’s Managing Director, Drew Bourke: “We outgrew Suite C1 in less than twelve months and desperately needed the additional 1500 square feet the new location provides. Most importantly, our staff and patients both feel a sense of community in the new space thanks to the incredible floor plan. People are more comfortable here and feel very much at home. We couldn’t have designed a more perfect space if we had built it from scratch.”

Nashville Suboxone Recovery’s new clinic at Suite C3 is a two-level 3500 square foot space. The main floor can accommodate greeting patients, the lab area, a large waiting room with chairs, couches and tables, a kitchenette area for patients with free sparkling water, coffee and snacks, as well as one physician office and one therapist office. The upstairs is primarily office space, where two additional doctors and two additional therapists can work with patients in privacy.

“We’ve redecorated the clinic with new furnishings to make sure every space is comfortable for our patients and our staff. All six doctor and therapist offices contain a TV with beautiful music and moving art playing. This helps keep the counseling conversations isolated, as well as putting people at ease when visiting. Everyone feels relaxed here.” according to Drew Bourke

More Space – More Offices – More Doctors – More Therapists

Most of the activity occurs on the first floor in the new space, which helps everyone feel a sense of community. It feels very group-oriented thanks to the unique floor plan. We have additional doctor and therapist offices upstairs when additional time is required with a patient or a family. Thus far, the feedback has been outstanding.

We’ve added another doctor and therapist recently, which allowed us to begin taking new patients every Tuesday & Friday, as well as every other Wednesday and Saturday. This helped existing patients who have a busy schedule, as well as making it easier for new patients to get an appointment, often same day.

Why a TV in Every Office?

We’ve gone a little nuts with the flat panel televisions in every doctor and therapist’s office, but for good reason. The patients and the staff appreciate the calming music and beautiful moving art we play on the TV’s. We tested this over a year ago and had so many positive comments from patient’s, we just thought it best that every office should provide this atmosphere. This also cuts down on background noise, making it a more intimate experience for our patients.