Celebrate National Recovery Month with Nashville Suboxone Recovery

Once per year the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) pulls out all the stops in spreading the word about addiction recovery. Not only do they provide assistance to those seeking recovery from opioid abuse disorder, they also provide medical clinics with information and tools to better assist people in recovery. You can learn more about Recovery Month by visiting the SAMHSA website here.

September 2019 is National Recovery Month – Are You Ready to Make a Change?

For some the pain and discomfort of their addiction is not yet bad enough to take action. Take my advice, it will eventually come to a point where you can’t bear it any longer. For many of us it becomes a final choosing of, “I need to get clean or I’m ready to die“.

I suffered from active addiction for over 13 years of daily drug use. Even my oldest brother’s death from addiction wasn’t enough to stop me from using. I had a beautiful, loving wife, a newborn son and a career, yet I simply couldn’t stop taking opiates. How is it that something so damaging to ourselves and our families takes such a grip on us that we just can’t seem to stop. Sometimes we have to lose everything in order to get the message – Maybe it’s time to make a change.

Addiction is a Disease, Not a Moral Failing.

If you’re addicted I have both good and bad news for you. The good news is, it’s not your fault. Addiction is a disease that either you have it or you don’t. The bad news is, you are the only one who can take action to beat your addiction. Others may drag you to treatment, put you in jail, etc. but only you can make the decision to get clean.

“For some of us it will take losing everything before we realize we have to make a change, or we’ll die.”

Getting Clean is not Difficult. You Just Have to Have a Plan!

Nashville Suboxone Recovery provides a simple, easy to follow plan for anyone who’s ready to put an end to their addiction. We even treat anxiety and depression at no additional cost because we know that many other disorders often accompany addiction. And, we are one of few Tennessee State Licensed Addiction Treatment Centers who have the medical credentials to do so.

There’s no additional change for treating depression and anxiety. “You have to treat the whole person, not just the disease. No two people are alike.”, according to Dr. Emmett Wilkerson, medical director at Nashville Suboxone Recovery. If there were a cookie-cutter way to get people clean, then addiction wouldn’t be an epidemic as it is right now.

“You have to treat the person, not just the disease. No two people are alike.”

— Dr. Emmett Wilkerson – Medical Director

Nashville Suboxone Recovery’s Simple Plan for Addiction Recovery

  • Medication – Treat the physical symptoms first. There are medicines that help eliminate withdrawals & cravings, anxiety, depression, ADD and other disorders that have to be dealt with first in order for the other steps to work. The goal is life-long sobriety, not putting a bandaid on something that requires surgery.
  • Private Therapy – Usually drugs are the solution for people, not the problem. Meaning, there is almost always underlying life events and traumas that trigger addictive behavior. These issues are identified and discussed privately with a LPC/MHSP who’s a certified addiction counselor. A plan of action is created to help make different choices and avoid common pitfalls that trigger addictive behaviors. Weekly private therapy sessions are provided at no additional cost to all current patients.
  • Guidance and Education – The medical and therapeutic staff at Nashville Suboxone Recovery provide advice and tools for great recovery at each visit. We also send daily messages with additional tools, inspiration, advice, guidance, sobriety dates, appointment reminders, medication discounts and more to any and all patients who are ready and willing to get clean for life.
  • Group Recovery – Many people think they are alone and that their addictions are worse and/or different that other people’s addictions. They don’t feel anyone understands their problems. That’s simply not the case! In group recovery people quickly learn they are not alone. Group recovery organizations like AA, NA, Al-anon, Celebrate Recovery and others provide a group setting and a community for people who suffer from drug abuse, alcoholism and other addictions. They also provide mentors (sponsors) who guide newcomers into long-lasting sobriety with new tools for living a great life.

Yet, as we mentioned above only you can make the decision to get clean.

If you’re truly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired we can help. Take action NOW. Do not wait. The sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll feel better about life, and yourself.

Appointments are available most weekdays and Saturday’s at Nashville Suboxone Recovery. New patients are always welcome. And, setting an appointment couldn’t be any easier:

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