Nashville Recovery has Helped Over 1100 Clients with Addiction

When we first got started in October of 1027 we had no idea we’d be fortunate enough to touch so many people. Thanks to a great, caring staff of professionals, we can now say we have helped over 1100 people with addiction. Wow!

It all began way back in 2005. Co-owner Drew Bourke lost his oldest brother Jeff from overdose in 2005. Jeff was a lifelong addict who never got the help he needed. He went to three inpatient rehabs, but was never given Suboxone. He was simply taken off his meds and made to suffer through weeks of painful withdrawals from both alcohol and opiates.

Had Suboxone been a more popular option at the time, Jeff might still be with us.

According to Drew: “Jeff was like me in that he wanted desperately to quit, but the physical addiction that puts us into withdrawal was too much to go through. Jeff didn’t even try quitting other than his short stints in rehabs. The moment he’d get out he’s be on the phone getting pills from anyone who’d sell them. I know what that’s like – withdrawals are just too much to deal with.

I was lucky when I quit in December 2013 because I had Suboxone, private therapy and a great family support staff. I joined group recovery, got a sponsor and began doing the steps immediately. Turns out, Jeff’s death was a huge reason for me abusing opiates in the first place. But, there was a lot more to my using that had to be dealt with over time. And, I’m still working on things. You have to go. Recovery is for life.”

Are you ready to be DONE with drugs? We can help you just like we’ve helped over 1100 others in the Nashville region with their addiction.

Recover from opioid abuse without painful withdrawals and cravings. Go back to living a great life with a clear mind and some purpose in life.

It’s time to get your life back…

Call or text Nashville Recovery at 615-431-3701, or click the button to schedule your recovery online. You’ll even save $10 off your first appointment by booking online, and get two weeks of free medication. Insurance is NOT required.

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