How Much Does Your Addiction Cost You Each Month?

It’s interesting how many people struggle when they hear the cost of a monthly recovery program. Yet, when asked how much they spend on their addiction each month it’s often four or five times the cost. Keep in mind, a monthly recovery program at Nashville Recovery includes at least one doctor visit and up to four one on one sessions with a therapist.

Consider a monthly recovery program like ours costing $350 vs running up and down the streets chasing pills for $1500 per month or more. Not to mention the insanity people deal with while being addicted to pain pills and heroin.

Keep in mind, YOU are not your addiction. Most who are addicted are good people who are sick, and want to get better. They just need some help.
That’s where Nashville Recovery comes in, providing all the tools and support necessary to help people win their battle against addiction.

Ask yourself these questions about your addiction, and then make the call (or text) to set an appointment at Nashville Recovery:

  • Is your piece of mind worth $350 per month?
  • Is your family worth $350 per month?
  • Is your career worth $350 per month?
  • Is your life worth $350 per month?

We certainly think so!

Call or text Nashville Recovery today and end the cycle of madness narcotic addiction brings with it. Call or text: (615) 431-3701

Now that you have the solution, it’s a choice to stay addicted.

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