What is My Moment of Clarity in Recovery?

A “Moment of Clarity in Recovery” is different for everyone. It gets discussed in recovery rooms most every week. For some, this moment happens before starting a recovery program. For others, it happens after. So, what is this elusive thing we all seek in recovery?

What is the Moment of Clarity in Recovery?
The moment of clarity in recovery is the critical moment when a person realizes that their recovery is a decision. A decision they have to make, and is typically the starting point of when people take responsibility for their actions and take control of their life. It’s an awakening for most, as if waking up from a dream. It’s a realization that this life is the only one they’ve got, so they better make some changes or it’s going to suck.

Here are three real-world moment of clarity examples.

While Sitting in a Recovery Meeting

“Mine came shortly after I started going to AA meetings. I finally stopped looking at the differences between me and everyone else in the room, and began looking at the similarities. The moment I did this, I saw everyone in the room as an ally, vs. being “out to get me”. In that one moment, I realized I could do this thing called “recovery” with the help of an outpatient Suboxone program with therapy and the help of a 12-step program.”   A. S.

After Praying for the First Time

“I was too effected by the drugs I was taking to have any clarity. Taking Suboxone was like waking up for the first time in 10 years. I woke up one day and got on my knees to pray, which I had never done before. I asked God for help and told him that if he’d help me, I was willing to change my life. Nothing happened.

An hour later, and I can’t really explain this, I felt a warm-fuzzy feeling come over my body, over my soul. I felt relaxed for the first time as far as I can remember. In that one little moment I thought to myself, I can do this. I have the tools now. The medicine is allowing me to stay clean, and the therapy is helping clean out the issues I’ve been dealing with since birth. It was ceremonious, but I knew it was real, I knew in that one moment that I could do this. So far it’s working better than I could have ever dreamed.” L. D.

Not One, but Two Moments of Clarity

“I’ve had two moments of clarity. My sponsor calls these ‘gifts of the program’. The first was after starting a Suboxone program and going to a local AA meeting for seven days straight. I just somehow realized in an instant that I now had a fighting chance because I had taken action. These are the things I did (action) that led to my first moment of clarity:

  • Started a Suboxone program. Without this I’d be addicted or dead.
  • Started going to recovery meetings. For me, this was an AA group that’s filled with addicts and alcoholics.
  • Got a sponsor. Without my sponsor my life would be total shit. He’s my spiritual guide and one of my best friends. It took time, but we’ve grown really close.

I was sitting in a meeting and a lightbulb went on telling me, ‘I can do this.’ I’m four years clean now, so I can say the actions I took are the reasons I’m alive, clean and very happy.

My second moment of clarity came after two years of sobriety. I was driving home one day and suddenly realized how great my life is today, but also realizing it’s not the one I want now – It’s the one I had created when I was addicted. It was really weird. It was like I was looking at someone else’s life. It felt like ‘this is not who I am, it’s who used to be.’

I made a list of everything I really want in life and started making changes. Small ones at first, and then larger ones. I’m four years clean now and am working toward the life I dream of now, not the one I grew up with. My wants and needs are very different than just four years ago. It’s actually happening, which is a total miracle.” D.S.

Maybe it’s time you made the call and got started on a Suboxone program. Who knows, maybe your moment of clarity will happen today at Nashville Recovery.

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