Medication Assisted Treatment with Suboxone at Nashville Recovery Saving Lives

Medication Assisted Treatment, or “M.A.T.” as it’s called, combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders.

Nashville Suboxone Recovery offers an MBA-level therapist, along with medical doctors to treat patients who suffer from opioid addiction. The most common medication prescribed for opioid addiction is Buprenorphine.

Buprenorphine works as an opioid agonist / antagonist that blocks other narcotics while reducing, often completely eliminating withdrawal and/or cravings. Taken daily in the form of a dissolvable film or tablet, Buprenorphine can make patients feel whole again, without the desire to take oxycodone, OxyContin, Opana, heroin, and/or other narcotics.

Suboxone™ is a brand-name for a film-based medication that contains both Buprenorphine and Naloxone. While Suboxone was first to the market to combine these two medications, it is no longer the only player in town. There is now a generic tablet that offers the equivalent amount of medication as roughly 1/4th the cost of Suboxone. Also, there are other brand names making unique formulations of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Below, is a list of the brand-name medicines (and their general description) that contain both Buprenorphine and Naloxone:

  • Suboxone – A dissolvable sublingual film that is placed under the tongue.
  • Bunavail – A dissolvable buccal film that is placed inside the cheek.
  • Zubsolv – A dissolvable sublingual tablet that is placed under the tongue.
  • Generic – A dissolvable sublingual tablet that is placed under the tongue.

There are cases in which a patient may be allergic to Naloxone, or has highly-elevated liver enzymes. In this case, only Buprenorphine is prescribed (without Naloxone). The brand name for the Buprenorphine-only medication is called Subutex™. Subutex is manufactured by Indivior UK Limited, the creators of Suboxone.

“Some patients with HEP-C (but not all) will be prescribed Subutex, due to highly elevated liver enzymes.”

Naloxone (also known as Narcan®) is a medication called an “opioid antagonist” used to counter the effects of opioid overdose, for example morphine and heroin overdose. Specifically, naloxone is used in opioid overdoses to counteract life-threatening depression of the central nervous system and respiratory system, allowing an overdose victim to breathe normally.

When used in conjunction with Buprenorphine (in Suboxone) it helps reduce cravings, and works as a “blocker”, preventing overdose as well as the effects of taking a narcotic. Should the patient take a narcotic medication while taking Suboxone with Naloxone, Naloxone will block a percentage of the narcotic either fully or partially, depending on how much narcotic medication (or heroin) is taken.

Therapy is used in addition to medication to help patients resolve the issues that often accompany addiction. Patients at Nashville Suboxone Recovery are offered weekly one-on-one therapy in addiction to medication to help in their recovery.

It’s Time to Get Your Life Back

If you ro someone you know is addicted, you need to act quickly. With overdose death rates soaring due to the opioid crisis, acting fast is the best prevention.

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