Managing Addiction Recovery during COVID

Managing-Addiction-Recovery-in-2020-Nashville-Suboxone-Recovery-Clinic-615-431-3701 Suboxone Doctors in Nashville Accepting new patients near me

2020 was quite the year here in Nashville. We definitely saw an uptick in relapses as well as new people coming into addiction recovery for the very first time.

I think most surprising for 2020 was the number of people who were buying Suboxone on the street, some of which had done a pretty good job of self-maintenance. While it’s illegal to buy Suboxone on the street, I feel it’s a hell of a lot better than buying pain pills or heroin. This also tells us that people are sick and tired of being addicted and are looking for a solution. Kinda strange to think the street can be a place where addictions begin, but also the place that introduces people to medication-assisted recovery.

Another thing we noticed last year was the number of people who started taking Suboxone on the street and threw themselves into precipitated withdrawals. In case you’re not sure what precipitated withdrawals are, here’s a short explanation taken from the American Addiction Centers website:

“With buprenorphine’s strong receptor-binding affinity, when given to a person who is already addicted to heroin, the buprenorphine removes and then replaces the heroin molecules that have already attached to the person’s opioid receptors in the brain. As a result of this, the buprenorphine produces a significantly reduced opioid reaction (as it should). But the effect of millions of receptors being deprived of their full opioid agonist and instead being replaced by a partial opioid agonist (that, by design, has a weakened effect) can trigger withdrawal symptoms in the person.” Precipitated withdrawals

Many clients disappeared and returned in 2020 with their head down, feeling like they failed due to relapse.

Relapse is not failure. Relapse is part of recovery.

I got clean on January 9, 2014 after repeated relapses. Why did January 9th, 2014 work and the other attempts failed? I can only believe I was just “ready” on that date. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I had some AA and NA education and couldn;t stand having the knowledge and still doing the wrong thing. I was just ready.

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