How to Stay Clean through the 2020 Holiday Season

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Great recovery is something you do all year long. However, the holiday season seems to be a difficult time for many who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
The parties, the celebrations, this was a time when typically I would use more drugs and alcohol then typical.

I got clean in December of 2013. Not only was this the best decision of my life, but it also put a spin on the holiday season that makes them easier to handle than they were when I was addicted. I used to dread the holidays, knowing I would do more drugs when surrounded by family. I’d be worried they’ll figure out I have a drug problem. Worried I’d run out of pills at just the wrong time. Worried I’d go into withdrawals while visiting family or worse, at home on Christmas day with my family.

Going into withdrawals during the holidays had happened more than once, so it became a real fear for me. All I could think about was “Do I have enough pills? Where can I buy more if I run out? Who can I call to get more pills? Where can I find money to pay for more pills?” A vicious cycle that actually led me to use more drugs out of fear I would run out. How silly is that?

Chasing drugs was a full-time job for me at times, and extremely expensive. The most I ever spent in a month on pills was $2800 dollars, and I STILL RAN OUT THAT MONTH!
Addiction just sucks, and the only way to get clean that I found is by using Suboxone, going to therapy and joining group recovery. These were the last things I tried, and the ONLY things that actually worked.

Getting clean was a year-long process for me of constant failures. I only wish someone had guided me like we guide our patients at Nashville Recovery. It’s not hard, you just have to do a few simple steps and you can be clean for the rest of your life. It’s not easy, but it is simple.

The anxiety and fear that came with running out of pills was extreme, leaving me unable to eat, and sometimes sleepless for days at a time. You do NOT have to live this way. I am proof that ANYONE can get clean if they’re willing to listen to someone who has already done it, and are willing to follow a few simple steps – I can promise this because I’ve lived these steps for almost seven years and have no desire to use drugs or alcohol.

Staying clean and happy through the 2020 holiday season

In addition to staying close to your preferred Suboxone Clinic, here are a few simple things you can do that will help you stay clean during the holidays and possibly make them more enjoyable than ever before:

  1. Stay connected to your Suboxone clinic.
  2. Do extra therapy at your clinic if offered (We offer free weekly therapy to all clients)
  3. Reach out to other addicts/alcoholics on a daily basis.
  4. Perform service work by volunteering whenever possible.
  5. Stay connected to group recovery – Do a group recovery meeting every day through the holidays.
  6. Be honest with those close to you who you can trust. Share your feelings when you feel sad, depressed, anxious, etc. Our closest, most trustworthy friends are often happy to help us during rough periods, but only if they know we’re struggling.
  7. Avoid triggers – Stay away from people, places and things that remind you of using drugs and alcohol.

If you’re not already in recovery

Maybe now is the time to start. You can literally be clean from drug abuse before Thanksgiving 2020 if you start now. Suboxone will eliminate the withdrawals and cravings, therapy will help you uncover and resolve issues that trigger your abuse, and group recovery will connect you to a community of like-minded people who support each other in life.

Don’t wait – Start today. You can even start Suboxone today by doing a phone appointment with the Suboxone doctors at Nashville Recovery. A whole month of treatment costs only $350 and it includes your doctor visits and up to four therapy sessions. That’s $1500 less per month than I was spending on drugs alone – It’s a bargain at $350. Besides, YOU are worth it.

Make this 2020 holiday season great by getting clean and sober. We’ve helped over 1500 people with their drug abuse and we are ready to help you – today!

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