How to Get Reimbursed by Your Insurance Company for Suboxone Visits

Did you know that many insurance companies will reimburse you for all or part of your Suboxone visit costs?

Many patient’s we share this with are completely unaware that they can get reimbursed for their Suboxone therapy visit costs by sending the proper documentation to their insurance company. Most every private insurance company has a process for requesting reimbursement, and doing so could save you thousands of dollars each year.

“Nashville Recovery not only provides an insurance-specific receipt for reimbursement, we encourage all patients with private health insurance to do it. A few minutes per month could save them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year.”

The Simple Process of Getting Reimbursed by Your Insurance Company:

  • After your visit at Nashville Recovery, request an insurance-specific receipt. (Our staff will most likely offer one to you)
  • Call your insurance company and ask them for the mailing address and documentation needed for submitting a reimbursement request.
  • Mail the insurance-specific receipt, your name and insurance ID numbers, along with any other required documentation to the address they provide.
  • Sit back, and wait for your check 🙂

What’s Typical Reimbursement for Suboxone Therapy?

There’s no set standard since most every insurance company has their own standards and procedures. But, but according to some of the people we’ve talked to you, can get anywhere from 20% to 100% of your visit costs reimbursed when you send your insurance company the correct documents, along with an insurance-specific receipt.

What is a “Insurance-Specific Receipt”?

Nashville Recovery provides a receipt that includes all of the information insurance companies need to successfully process your reimbursement. These receipts are very specific to Suboxone treatment, which is why Nashville Recovery created a standardized insurance-specific receipt that makes it fast and easy for anyone with private insurance to file a claim.

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