How to Easily Save $1000’s in Addiction Recovery

Addiction can destroy a family’s financial stability in no time. Begging, borrowing and stealing money, looking for things to pawn, piling up credit card debt and paycheck loans, etc. Sound familiar?

The Financial Facts About Addiction
A moderate oxycodone user spends an average $150 to $200 per day buying pills on the street. That’s over $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year to feed your addiction to opioids.

Heroin is nearly identical. Most moderate heroin users spend an avaerage of $150 to $200 per day also.

Can you imagine what you could do with an extra $60,000 per year? You can buy two new cars, make a substantial downpayment on a home, feed, clothe and take incredible care of your family, and so much more.

Enough is enough!

Below, are simple tips and tools provided by Nashville Recovery Clinic that can not only save you thousands of dollars every year, but also help you get back your sanity. Not to mention, get your life back.

How to Easily Save $1000’s in Addiction Recovery:

  1. First, stop buying drugs on the street and get into recovery at a reputable Suboxone clinic. (Click here to schedule your first appointment)
    A month of prepaid Suboxone therapy at Nashville Recovery Clinic is only $340 – That’s a savings of over $4600 per month!
  2. Ask the doctor for generic tablets instead of Suboxone strips or films. Generic tablets are currently over $6 cheaper than Suboxone films. A typical month’s supply of generic Suboxone tablets with a GoodRX coupon is under $120 mo. as of this writing. (Click here to get Suboxone coupons and locate a pharmacy)
  3. If you have insurance let them pay for your medications. Many insurance companies offer a preferred version of Suboxone like generic Suboxone tablets, Zubsolv, or Bunavail. Call your insurance company to find out if they cover addiction medicine. (Submit your insurance to us and get pre-approval on your medications)
  4. Stay in recovery until your life is back in order and you have surrounded yourself with a support team.
    One thing we see all too often is people who stop recovery before it’s time. Recovery takes time, and isn’t your life worth investing a few hundred dollars per month to keep it good? Besides, relapse is expensive since addiction is a progressive disease. Most people will use even more drugs & spend even more money if and when they relapse.

Stop Wasting Your Money / Stop Wasting Your Life – Get into Recovery Today

Nashville Recovery Clinic provides Suboxone medication prescriptions that can virtually eliminate withdrawals and cravings, without missing precious time with family or missing work. Most people say they feel better than they have in years after their first use of taking Suboxone, since they are clear-headed and are no longer chasing pills or heroin. (Saving $1000’s of dollars every month doesn’t stink either..)

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – Start Recovery Today at Nashville Recovery Clinic.
Call or text Nashville Recovery Clinic at (615) 431-3701, or click here to schedule Suboxone Therapy today.

It’s time to get your life back.

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