Own a Car? Start Earning $500 – $1000 Weekly in Nashville

The staff at Nashville Recovery is always seeking solutions that can benefit our patients. After initially getting clean, many people are looking for ways to earn full or part-time income to start celebrating their new, happier, cleaner lifestyle.

If you’re looking to earn extra money and own a vehicle, then you almost instantaneously qualify to start earning $500 to $1000 per week with no experience!

Here’s three ways in Nashville that you can quickly turn your vehicle into a cash machine and start earning $500 to $1000 per week:

  • Become a Lyft driver
  • Become a shopper for Instacart
  • Become a driver for UberEats

It’s never been easier to turn your vehicle into a money-maker by being a shopper and/or driver for the above services.

The best part? Work only when you like by setting a schedule that works for you. Earning extra money can also help you pay for your recovery, medication, and take care of your family.



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