Get Clean, Change Your Life, and Save Money?

Many people in the throws of addiction are surprised at just how much money they spend on the street buying pills. Especially, when they look at it on a monthly basis.

“It’s easy to spend $600 to $700 a week on Oxy when you buy it on the street.”

Many people who are buying pills on the street or even supplementing their legal prescriptions with street pills are shocked to learn they could be driving a brand new car, or even making a mortgage payment on a house if they weren’t buying pills on the street.

It’s easy to spend $600 to $700 a week on Oxy when you buy it on the street. Pill prices are typically $10 per 10 milligrams of oxycodone on the street corner. If you’re buying two to three pills per day, it can get really expensive – quickly. One thing that gets people riled up about buying expensive pills on the street is knowing how much they actually cost their dealer. A street dealer with insurance who gets pills from a doctor is profiting anywhere from 90% to 100% on every sale. Do you really want to help someone else get rich due to your addiction?

“Street dealers are getting rich by taking advantage of those who are addicted.”

How do street dealers get away with this highway robbery? It’s simple: They know that people who are addicted are willing to pay whatever the cost if it means not getting sick.

“Many people are shocked they could be making a mortgage payment if they weren’t buying pills on the street.”

One person I recently spoke to said he once paid $300 for three oxycodone 30’s. His dealer was smart, and he knew the man had just gotten paid. The dealer told him he only had three pills left and he needed to keep them for himself. A bidding war ensued, and the man eventually agreed to pay $100 per pill for three pills. More than half of his weekly paycheck was blown in an instant thanks to his addiction. He skipped paying child support and barely had enough gas to go to work the next week, all because he needed to do whatever it took to avoid getting sick in front of his family. In short, street dealers are getting rich by taking advantage of those who are addicted.

You can possibly save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars per month and feel better than you have in a long time by joining an outpatient treatment program.

Nashville Suboxone Recovery may be able to save you $1000 or more per month, depending on how much you spend buying drugs on the street.

Our Monthly Suboxone MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) Program consists of monthly doctor visits accompanied by weekly or bi-weekly therapy visits. If you have insurance your medication may be covered either all or in part. The monthly investment for this program is only $350. And, Nashville Suboxone Recovery can get most people their first two weeks of medication at no charge. (see doctor for details)

A Typical Money Saving Scenario that Saves $1000 per Month (for example purposes only)
Here’s an example where a person could save $1000 per month or more in treatment who is not only going to save lots of money, they’ll also feel much better, regain their self-respect, and gain the respect of their family and friends:

  • A person that spends just $50 per day on street pills spends $1500 per month.
  • The Monthly Outpatient Suboxone Treatment Program at Nashville Suboxone Recovery costs only $350.
  • If you have insurance, your medication may be covered in full or in part.
  • Without insurance coverage, Nashville Suboxone Recovery can most likely help you get your monthly medication costs under $150.

Monthly Cost Buying Pills on the Street: $1500
Typical Monthly Cost for Treatment and Medication at Nashville Suboxone Recovery (without insurance): $500
Typical Monthly Savings: $1000

While saving money is great, recovery is so much more. Recovery is about transforming your life from being held hostage from addiction, to gaining freedom and working toward your goals. Just imagine, waking up knowing you’re no longer in the chase for pills. Free from withdrawals and cravings, you’re sleeping better, eating better, and gaining the trust back from friends, family and coworkers who see a change in you. That’s what recovery at Nashville Suboxone Recovery is all about.

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