Generic Suboxone Tablets Hit All-Time Low Price of $56 for 56 Tabs – Updated June 9, 2020

Updated June 9, 2020!

It wasn’t that long ago that people in need of buprenorphine & naloxone (aka: Suboxone) were required to shell out over $450 for a one month supply of Indivior UK’s patented Suboxone sublingual films. Thankfully, a generic tablet came along and changed all that.

In 2017, 56 generic tablets costed roughly $225, which was a huge break for people in recovery needing their Suboxone medication. Soon after, other pharmaceutical companies followed suit by creating their own generic Suboxone tablet. The prices have fallen almost month by month since then. Now, with at least five generic Suboxone tablets being manufactured by various pharmaco’s, people suffering from opioid addiction can get treatment and medicine for a fraction of what it used to cost.

Here’s just one example:
I started my road to recovery in January 2014. At the time, I was paying over $400 for my monthly appointments and $466 for 56 Suboxone sublingual films. In total, I was spending nearly $900 per month for my recovery. Boy have things changed.

Today, most clinics provide both the doctor visit and therapist visit for around $350 in the Nashville area. Combined with the new / lower cost of generic Suboxone tablets of only $72.02 $56, recovery has gotten really affordable. Today, a monthly Suboxone MAT program with 56 generic Suboxone tablets will cost about $410. And, you’re worth every penny.

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Does $410 Still Sound a Little Pricey?
First – How much is your life worth? You are priceless to your family, friends and hopefully to yourself. The truth is, the cost of recovery is irrelevant if it gets you free from drug abuse.

If $410 per month to rid yourself of opioid abuse and change your life forever sounds expensive, consider this:
Most people suffering from substance abuse spend an average of $2500 per month on pain pills, heroin or fentanyl.
Most people who buy opioids on the street are spending 3-4 hours per day “chasing” their drugs, locating drugs, purchasing drugs and/or finding the money to buy their drugs. Simply put, being addicted is expensive as hell and is a total time-suck. Even when recovery costed over $900 per month, it was totally worth it to get your life back.

Suboxone Prescription by Phone or Video Appointments have Changed Recovery Forever at Nashville Recovery
Making recovery even better than before is the new acceptance of telemedicine. Nashville Recovery is now seeing both new and existing clients by phone or video appointment. That means someone who has limited transportation capabilities (or none at all) can now begin a monthly Suboxone program without leaving their home.

Simply Put, There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Recovery for Opioid Recovery

  • You can get a Suboxone Prescription by phone or video call
  • Monthly medication costs are at an all-time low of $73 $56!

Get a Suboxone Prescription by Phone

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