Generic Suboxone Strips Compared – Over 300 Users Share Their Experience

The best generic Subcone Strip Rated by 300 people

Recovery medications got a whole lot cheaper starting in 2017 when the generic Suboxone strips and tablets came to the market. What used to cost $466 monthly for 56 Suboxone strips can now be bought for around $100 at local Nashville area pharmacies, all thanks to generic Suboxone strips. (Check Nashville area Suboxone strip prices and coupons)

Generic Suboxone Strip Almost Didn’t Come to Market

Beginning in 2019, the FDA approved manufacturing and distribution of generic Suboxone strips, which caused an upheaval at Indivior UK, the makers of the original Suboxone strips. Until that time Indivior UK had a valid patent on Suboxone strips that prevented “copy cats” from entering the market, at least with a film or strip since it mirrored their patented Suboxone strips. The FDA apparently felt fighting the opioid epidemic was more important that patent infringement, and allowed Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories to begin creating a generic Suboxone strip. (Read the full article here)

Dr Reddys allowed to make Suboxone Strips after FDA overrides Suboxone patent

Dr Reddy’s generic Suboxone Strips approved by FDA despite patent infringement

There’s other Suboxone strip brands too in addition to Dr. Reddy’s, all who have recently come to market in hopes of taking business away from Indivior UK’s original Suboxone strips:

  • Alvogen
  • Mylan
  • Sandoz

Which generic Suboxone Strip is Best?

That’s a great question. Thankfully, we’ve had over 200 people from the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico contribute their experience taking these generic Suboxone strips. Over 300 user experiences with generic Suboxone strips are provided in the following posts:

Here’s just a few highlights from real people who have shared their experience while taking various generic Suboxone strips:

“I got my script on Monday april 22 2019. The pharmacist told me it was Dr.Reddy generic strips which i was fine with trying so i took my first dose that evening around 9pm,well i woke up around 1240 am with a rash on both arms my whole body felt really hot and flushed i had a really bad headache and my legs ache so so bad I called my doctor’s office when they opened the next morning and they wanted to see me so later that day i went in and was seen and found out that i had a allergic reaction to it…it’s not a good medicine if at all possible I would stay away from it.”

“I have been on suboxone for 6 years and was in the process of weaning down and off of it. I was doing very well until the generics came out. They are horrible. I’ve had the same experience with feeling sick, stomach pains, headaches, and got a rash on my neck where it looked like someone threw acid on me and felt like that too. Also been having breathing problems where I can’t get a good deep breathe. The WORST ones are the yellow alvogen brand and it seems that’s what tb pharmacies carry. I have been suffering for over a year now and recently switched back to the name brand. I hope it works switching back because I honestly go days without taking my meds just to withdraw just so I can yawn to get a good breathe and I have never been like that in my life. I will update if switching back to the brand has helped.”

“I have been in suboxone name name brand and have tried sandoz, Dr Reddy and another I can’t recall. The name brand is bad far the most effective. Dr Reddy is crap and I can feel the difference. It dissolves so fast and honestly have to double up just to feel normal. This India based company and the FAR should be sued. All those people in this for treatment will go back to using heroin or pain pills to keep from getting sick and thus , throwing down the drain their sobriety.”



  1. Bruce Thompson on November 20, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    I cannot do the generic films either!! And realistically Medicine is supposed to be Medicine. Unfortunately the generic films are not as strong as the name brand strips. Even though the science on the box says so I feel like I have to take double just to feel normal like with the name brand Suboxone. It is a constant fight with the insurance company for them to pay for the name brand and no matter how much I point out that me the patient is the most important thing the insurance company only cares about money and saving a dollar and that’s sad because it was Suboxone that saved my life and now the insurance companies want to save a buck but send a patient back it’s drugs again whether they’ll admit it or not

    • Domenic on August 16, 2022 at 9:32 pm

      The best way to answer the question of purity and standardization is to take a generic strip and do an analysis to determine if they are in fact weaker. Remember the placebo effect is REAL. Just knowing that you are taking a generic can change expectations which have a real effect on its effectiveness. That would settle it for me. Someone, somewhere must have done analysis ‘ on the various genetics.

  2. Stephen on November 29, 2020 at 2:35 am

    I’ve been on Suboxone for years and didn’t find out about the Generic Strips until a year ago. My doctor mentioned them to me and I was hesitant at first but ultimately gave in because of the prices. Sandoz is made by Indiviour (the company that makes Suboxone) and is the exact same film as Suboxone and is made at the same plant on the same line. It’s Indiviours “generic” film that they created to compete with all of the other companies making generic Suboxone. Basically, it’s a way for them to retain some of the customers that have switched from “name brand” to generic films. I have not tried “Dr.Reddies” but I get Alvogen all the time. They are the “yellow” package strips and they work just as well to me.
    In order to get a stamp of approval from the FDA, a generic medication must be “bioequivalent” to its brand-name counterpart. This means that chemically the two must be pretty much the same, although makers are allowed 20% variation in the active ingredient from that original formula. The only difference between Alvogen and Suboxone is the ingredients they used to make the film. You can tell that the Alvogen film is more firm than Suboxone and it also has a slightly different taste. Other than that they both have the exact same amount of Buprenorphone/Naloxone. I hear people complaining about generic Buprenorphine all the time and I just shake my head because it’s in their mind. They have to have that name brand strip with the horrible taste or else they go crazy and start second guessing the FDA. Anyways, that’s my input and the information I gave about the FDA was straight off of their website

    • Erica on March 12, 2021 at 5:57 am

      I have been on name brand Suboxone for 8years and it’s not in peoples heads that the generic are not the same. The yellows give me terrible migraines and all but the Sanho were weaker. I am on 1 8mg film a day and with the generic I need 2 to get the same relief I get from 1 name brand

      • Andrew Stephen on March 12, 2021 at 3:29 pm

        When I first posted this article I wondered if maybe it’s just me. It’s not. We’re not crazy. This is common with MANY generic drugs, not just this one. I honestly had no idea so many others were having issues. I’m pretty sure I took the real (Indivior) Suboxone films for two years and then the generic tablets for another three years. No difference to me between the two. I never once felt weird about switching to the tablets or even Dr. Reddy’s because it all seemed the same to me. But – Dr. Reddy’s definitely made me feel sick. I keep track of my diet, I workout 4 days per week and am in excellent shape. I looked at my food, my exercise, my everything, only to realize that my switch from generic tablets to Dr. Reddy’s was the ONLY thing I had changed. Within a day of switching back to the gemeric tablets I felt better. No, we’re not crazy. And, there are people who do just fine with Dr. Reddy’s. I’m just not one of them. God Bless and thanks for sharing 🙂

        • Danny on June 4, 2021 at 8:28 pm

          I do believe name brand is better but the cost ain’t worth it. In.

          • Andrew Stephen on June 4, 2021 at 10:17 pm

            I totally agree. I think the original Suboxone films are $466 for 56 films. Generics are about $125, but the prices change a lot here in Nashville.

        • Jessica on October 7, 2021 at 8:40 am

          I’ve been on Suboxone for close to 10 years. I’ve tried every generic brand there is. Brand is best, Sandoz is next, Dr. Reddy’s is total garbage and I swear I would be in WD 12-18 hours into taking my dose. That shouldn’t happen. Finally called my insurance company and got them to cover the brand again. Thank goodness, I feel so much better now.

          • Andrew Stephen on October 7, 2021 at 2:36 pm

            Thank you!! You probably just helped a thousand people by telling them they can call their insurance and ask (beg?) for a different brand. Some insurance companies will listen and make exceptions, but only if you call and ask. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. I believe it will help many, many people 🙂

            • Thomas Davis on December 21, 2021 at 10:19 pm

              Andrew, my name is Thomas Davis & I reside near Abilene, TX. I applaud your continued efforts on enlightening others about this situation and giving feedback to so many of those who comment.

              I was on the name brand for a couple years about a decade ago & backslide severely in the past few years, landing me in a position where I am once again grateful for our medicine. Back then there were no other options, and the films had actually just emerged.

              My dilemma is this….I am currently on the Alvogen & have tried Dr. Reddy’s, but as you know neither compare to the name brand. Abilene is a small city(more like a large town) and I was able to speak with one of the pharmacist at a local drugstore. Come to find out, the other generic films which are available cost about twice what the two aforementioned ones do, and you already know what the real deal films run.

              Is there any hope out there for insurance to cover them? I have read many of the comments in the blogs/sections you head up & wanted to pick your brain for ANY possible way to get even a 30-pack of name brand for less expensive than Good RX. Any information will be greatly appreciated & if you wouldn’t mind, it’s much easier for me to access my email, if you would be so kind as to respond there.

              I thank you in advance for your response. Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

              Thomas S. Davis

              • Andrew Stephen on December 29, 2021 at 6:22 pm

                Sorry for the delay in getting to this, and thanks for the kind words. I removed your email from the post and will reply. Thanks Thomas!

              • Michael J on April 11, 2022 at 2:53 pm

                Take what you can get and follow the dosage instructions, you may struggle and feel like $%#[email protected] for 1 month but your body will eventually adjust and get use to the new generic dose. I went through this when i was switched from sandoz to alvogen, after 2 months i was stable on alvogen for 14 months until they switched me to the so called new name brand brand indivior Suboxone, and 4 months later i struggle, i was taking 1 x 8mg alvogen every 48 hours, now im taking 2 x indivor every 24 hours.. been 3 months and still feel like shit every day i wake up…

      • Michelle on April 10, 2021 at 4:42 pm

        I’m having trouble finding a pharmacy that will order the name brand for me. I am in Texas.

    • Boe on March 24, 2021 at 6:49 am

      Thanks for your feedback, it was nice to see your cment that will help many

    • Allyson on April 14, 2021 at 9:31 am

      Hi Stephen, with all do respect you said it yourself in your post, “they are allowed a 20% variation in the active ingredient from the original formula.” This is the 20% that us receptive individuals can feel the difference with. I guess this would explain why I have to take the full recommended dose by my physician as opposed to the amt. that I had weaned myself down to using the originals. Trust me, this is not in my head, and from reading virtually everyone else’s post (with the exception of yours and maybe one other person) I know I am not alone in this feeling on film inadequacy. So I shake MY head at your post in conclusion!

      • Andrew Stephen on April 14, 2021 at 5:24 pm

        My sincerest apologies. I need to look at that post to see why you felt this way. I am in the SAME boat boat you are. I personally experienced a variation, as well as negative side-effects with a generic film. In another post, I shared my experience of taking Dr. Reddy‘s for just six weeks and all of the negative reactions that came with it. I am in total agreement with you that these generic films are not the same, and not nearly as effective as the original.
        Again, sorry for the confusion.

      • Adam on November 11, 2021 at 2:50 am

        Dr. Reddy’s are by far the worst. Took a few weeks to realize, not sleeping, always feeling sluggish, minor aches. Then I switched to the yellow which compared to Dr Reddy’s are great, but I don’t believe they absorb the same or maybe a bit under dosed. Also they give me a rash. All in all at least I don’t have to take Dr Reddy’s which seemed like there was nothing in it.

    • Tasha on February 10, 2022 at 4:11 pm

      Glad you said that. I have been on the generic films for 6 months now and the only issue I have had with them is me being sick at my stomach. I just went from the Mylan brand to the Alvogen kind. Next month they want to start giving me the name brand just because of the stomach issue. But I am about to try these and I hope that I feel better and take less on these.

    • Michael J on April 11, 2022 at 2:12 pm

      Your Wrong about ingredients being the culprit, it is actually the bioavailability/bio equivalent that is the culprit.
      Now you need to be good at math to understand this the Suboxone bioavailability formula.
      Here is your quote about Bioavailability

      “In order to get a stamp of approval from the FDA, a generic medication must be “bioequivalent” to its brand-name counterpart. This means that chemically the two must be pretty much the same, although makers are allowed 20% variation in the active ingredient from that original formula. The only difference between Alvogen and Suboxone is the ingredients they used to make the film.”

      This is EXTREMELY SIMPLE please follow along.
      Ok so Suboxone delivers 8mg Bupe AT 30% Bioavailability, That means your mucas membrane only absorbes 1/3 of the drug on the film to deliver 8mg bupe.
      This means the Original name brand Suboxone films need to contain 3x the normal Bupe inorder to absorb and deliver 8mg Bupe.
      So lets do the math, you have 8mg bupe at 33% and 24mg bupe at 99%.
      This math means that Each Suboxone film should actually contain around 26-26.8mg of BUPE, So your body can absorb 8mg!
      The point is the original Suboxone films contain 3x the amount of bupe compared to generics, and what the generics are doing is they are creating theres to only contain 8mg bupe give or take and 30% Bioavailability of 8mg is 2.6mg Bupe, nowhere lose to 8mg as promised, this is why the GENERICS ARE CRAP!!

    • calvin on August 2, 2022 at 1:19 am

      that’s not true at all, its def not in the head. I literally sit in precipitated withdrawl feeling all day from dr reddys…its so bad there so terrible. its not even the potency, they just make me sick, there’s no amount of the generic that feels good.

      • Andrew Stephen on August 5, 2022 at 10:14 pm

        I agree 100% – This is not in people’s heads. I personally experienced this and have witnessed over 30 patients and over 200 responses to these blog threads. People have experienced a myriad of side-effects using Dr. Reddy’s films specifically. We know any generic medication can have an adverse effect on different populations of people. Dr. Reddy’s is simply a generic version of Suboxone, so variations are to be expected.

        • Jordan on September 2, 2022 at 8:31 pm

          I’m so glad I found this forum. I actually live in East Nashville! So I swapped to the generic Dr. Reddys about a year and a half ago and in that time I’ve lost 20 pounds from the sour stomach I have had. I can barely eat these days and it’s been very stressful trying to figure out what’s been going on. I was also very stable at 4mg on the original suboxone and these days I take up to 12mg some days trying to feel “normal”. It’s had a pretty rough impact on my mental health tbh. I’ve also noticed the Dr. Reddys feel and dissolve completely different. You leave a real suboxone strip out and it gets hard. You leave a Dr. Reddys out and it get moist and stretchy as if it’s structure was breaking. I literally day dream about being off suboxone but trying to taper on this reddys shit has been extremely difficult. I’m going to bring this up with my doctor and get them to either write for the real ones or generic tabs like you have said works for you and many others. The cost is ridiculous BUT if an extra $100 can make me feel normal again, I’m in.

    • Domenic on August 16, 2022 at 9:36 pm

      Thank you. I just wrote something similar in a reply to the comment above you. The Placebo effect is REAL. Expectations have a measurable effect, no question. I was saying there has to be some clandestine chemist that would be happy to do a file equivalency check on the various generics and settle it once and for all. 20% is probably on the extreme high end of what is acceptable I would imagine it’s single digit percentages. 20% would almost make it another dose category, lol maybe you’re right though

    • Jerry Freemont on September 8, 2022 at 2:33 am

      Ive been on Suboxone since 2004. Im hear to tell you with close to 20 years experience taking it daily there is a noticeable difference between Name Brand Suboxone ( Reckitt Benckiser) and every single generic Except Sandoz.

      True withdrawl is physical not psycological.

      Dr. Reddys brand is absolute garbage and should be taken off the market. It is not even remotely close to Reckitt Benckiser Suboxone.

      Im curious how many years have you taken Suboxone to come up with this opinion. Thats a generic pharmacist response that you gave.

  3. Tallen on January 8, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    I’ve been on Suboxone off and on for several years. Currently I’ve been taking subs daily for about 2 years. I’ve had name brand, Sandoz, Alvogen, and Dr. Reddy’s. I honestly do not notice a bit of difference between them as far as effectiveness.

    I’d read horror stories about Dr. Reddy’s in particular, but when my pharmacy gave them to me for 1 month they worked just fine.

    • Andrew Stephen on January 8, 2021 at 5:15 pm

      Thanks for sharing this. Here’s an interesting thing – I took Dr. Reddy’s for almost two months. I didn’t notice anything until week 5. Week 6 is when I decided something was wrong. I looked at my diet, my sleep, my exercise, etc. Nothing had changed. The only thing that had changed was the switch to Dr. Reddy’s. I was really tired, sluggish and had trouble focusing. I switched back to generic tablets and felt good within two days. I can’t explain it. I just felt “off”, if that makes sense. Other people complain about stomach issues, withdrawals, headaches, etc.. My changes were subtle, but I knew something was off.

      • Dan the texting man . on June 4, 2021 at 8:39 pm

        I just hope CVS doesn’t go to that Dr real ready,s brand . It sounds like they might have feal in the john .

  4. paul s. on January 23, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    #1 Suboxone Brand Name (Indivior)
    #2 Sandoz
    #3 Mylan
    #4 Alvogen
    #5 Dr. Reddy’s
    I’ve tried them all many times, the brand name Suboxone and Sandoz are easily the best and I would say are a tie for having the strongest effect. Mylan and Alvogen are both okay, but in my opinion are noticeably weaker than the brand name (however nowhere near as weak as some people claim). Dr. Reddy’s is garbage, it’s like comparing water to wine, all I’m gonna say about that.

    • Andrew Stephen on March 12, 2021 at 3:22 pm

      Well said!!

    • Allyson on April 14, 2021 at 10:00 am

      Hi Paul, I have tried all of the films that you listed in your post with the exception on one (Reddy’s). In my experience with films (13 years; most of which were using the originals) I would agree 100% with the order that you put them in (in terms of effectiveness). Alvogen being my least favorite. Where I live most pharmacy’s carry Alvogen because they are the least expensive for them to buy, therefore most profitable. I did find one pharmacy that was willing to carry the Sandoz films (which are wonderful). However they wanted me to pay $20 extra on top of the co-pay to off set the cost differential (which I pointed out was illegal so they eventually stopped carrying them). The best generics that I can find (if I’m lucky is the Mylan). I read on the back of the Mylan box that it actually claims to have a small fraction more of the drug in it to offset the inadequate absorption. Whereas the Alvogen does not. I cannot find the Sandoz anymore to check the back of their box to see if they also have addition milligrams in them. However, since they are made by the original manufactures of Suboxone perhaps they do not have to deal with inadequate absorption rates. My Dr. prescribes me to take a half of a film once a day. However, with the originals I was able to wean myself down to 1/4 piece instead of taking a 1/2. However, with Alvogen if I try to only take a 1/4 piece I only make it 1/2 the day without withdrawal symptoms. For me considering that the cost is lower because my insurance now covers them. I guess I will just have to deal with going back to my prescribed dose of 1/2 film as oppossed to having to pay out of pocket literally hundreds of dollars per month for the originals as my ins. will not cover them even if my Dr. write DAS (Dispense as written). Wish that I could find a pharmacy willing to carry Sandoz brand, or even Mylan reguarly instead of always going with the cheapest brand for them which is Alvogen. However, I guess from what I have been reading I guess I should be lucky that it is not the Reddy’s brand.

      • Dan on June 4, 2021 at 8:49 pm

        Is sandoz expensive and where do you get them ? CVS ain’t got that kind . Just Alvin gen.

  5. April on June 14, 2021 at 5:26 pm

    Sandoz are no longer manufactured unfortunately. The generics suck! I am sick from them now and don’t see my doc for 4 more days and feel like i am gonna rip my head off! Is Mylan better then the yellow ones? I get to go back to name brand in 4 days. Seems like forever from now!

    • Andrew Stephen on June 15, 2021 at 12:23 pm

      Most people say Mylan are great, very similar to Sandoz. I don’t remember anyone complaining about them. I’m sorry this is happening. Try the Mylan if you can find them and let us know how you’re doing. God bless my friend.

  6. Steve on July 19, 2021 at 4:40 am

    The original strips were okay by me but once these other brands came along (I take Alvogen) they only work half as well and I almost started to withdraw from it. I’ve accepted that they don’t work and talking to my doctor insurance will not be easy.

    • Andrew Stephen on July 19, 2021 at 2:06 pm

      One of the doctors I work with said the generic films are only about 80% as strong as the original films. I’ll try to find documentation that supports this and post it here.

  7. Sean on September 4, 2021 at 10:28 pm

    I’ve been on Suboxone strips for several years now. Same 3 strips per day 8 MG per strip. I have weaned my self down to 1 strip per day and been there for a 3+ years now.

    I started off actually on Subutex tablets that melt under the tongue. Subutex is the same except is dose not have Naloxone in it.

    Then my Pharmacy let me know that if I switched to Suboxone my insurance would pay for. Since the only difference was the Naloxone and the price difference between free and what I was paying was massive obviously I changed.

    Started off on the name brand strips because that’s all their was at the time. Then my Pharmacy started getting generics. It’s always been Dr.Reddy’s since they started offering generics.

    Unlike most of the comments here I’ve had zero issues with the Dr.Reddy’s generics. Can’t tell a difference. Take 1 strip a day and I feel completely fine.

    • Andrew Stephen on September 6, 2021 at 6:13 pm

      That’s encouraging. And, it makes me wonder if specific batches have caused trouble with people. ? Glad you’re doing well. Please keep us updated if anything changes. Thanks again!

      • Angie on February 26, 2022 at 2:49 am

        My insurance will ONLY cover name brand, but my pharmacy has suddenly had a problem getting them from the warehouse so they offered me the maylan or whatever, so I payed out of pocket for 1 strip to try it I must say, I was high as a kite, almost scary and anxiety inducing, needless to say I don’t want that anymore 😵‍💫😬🥺

        • Andrew Stephen on February 26, 2022 at 7:51 pm

          A similar thing happened to me with Bunavail. I’m not sure they make it anymore, but the it was what the state insurance wanted everyone to use. They were these little strips you put inside your cheek and let them dissolve. They would turn into mushy gel, so you never knew when it was done. Long story short, I took one and got so buzzed I couldn’t drive.

      • Julia on July 28, 2022 at 5:21 am

        I know for a fact the syde affects that some are having are 100 % allergic reactions. I actually have an off reaction post covid may I add > to suboxone name brand. I’ve tried Dr reddys and now my life seems normal again. K. It isn’t like taking something every day to stay feeling like a person is normal but for those who have had no choice but to take an opois blocker for reasons having to do with feeling better after opioid treatment for pain, actually I know it’s allergies. Allergies are not just sneezing runny nose itchy eyes. Allergies also affect the physiological aspect of the body. Aches information. Rashes headaches stomach ache sluggishness tiredness laziness etc. That is also allergy symptoms. I’m typing this out in hopes that people have information. And knowledge is the most powerful thing. It isn’t the medicine. It is our bodies and everyone is different. If someone can benefit from another brand as I have generic and all so be it. Please be careful and get tested by an allergist who specializes in chemical Allergies because it really doesn’t help those like me to hear comments condemning the only brand that has significantly felt like the original subonxone. Before covid I never had an issue with name brand suvonove. After covid shit on every industry in the world I’ve noticed a big difference in the effectiveness inmy own body after taking suboxone for over 12 years I can say I’ve been on the tablet whej it first hit the market I had to suffer the less effective films and am thankful Dr reddys brand has the punch that the first generated tablet pill delivered. Take it from me. I hate being handcuffed to a medication. But , if I am going to be dependent on one or two than let it be good and let it keep me as close to my natural self as possible and having a little lift never hurts. Please get checked by your allergist immunological specialist before you ever blame the medicine. Whether they change the name or not they have a way of making deals on returns with other conflicts to lend their patent to them so it’s not worse or made worse to turn off people. It’s probably more so in the biological system which yes is in the head and therefore woll affect anyone who has an intolerance to a certain color or ingredient. I can’t believe I’m rooting for to generic but I just started taking it a month ago. Being that new I have to stay on it for a few to tell but I really feel surprising relief when I take Dr reddys brand. Actual suboxone films caused me to have a slow and long journey of allergic reactions to food and lotions perfumes and environmental allergies. It’s been a long road, since I felt like I did when I started taking suboxons films. It is totally up to our body’s chemistry on what the medicine does to us. Nothing world perfect for everyone. Do we fight those who say they are,allergic to peanuts or shellfish? No. So please get alot of data on uncommon allergy symtiols because I know it will shed light on why people are not doing well on generic brands non matter a what brand it is. I know i made sense with the peanut allergy analogy. Not everyone is allergic to peanuts but those that are are also alot of the population. So think of those who are allergic to chemicals the same way. It’s not the brand it’s our body and tolerance of certain ingredients. It’s very frustrating but if it works don’t fix it. That’s why I knew something wS wrong with the name brand and after many years of successful treatment ! At one pint I thought my doctor put me on placebo and I was thrilled to find generic works just as well. I feel the relief and I also know it’s not in our heads. Props to all who have noticed the differences. We can all help each other. I hope I helped. God bless allergy tests ! Lol. Blood work >Over prick tests , tho. Totally against feeling like dung for 3 months after from allergic side affects. . Please contact me if you have had similar findings. Thank you.
        Good luck to us all. Like right now my eyes are blurry from taking one quarter of suboxone. I had to because the pharmacy was low on my generic and had to substitute 3 original sinoxobes switching payment method and all. So I am littwralky writing this as experience the total difference. I can’t say I am not dosaapiunted that name brand Suboxone does not work well in my body anymore, but thank God they have other options now. Please don’t discourage someone like myself or another who has no experience in psychopharmacology by saying everything else is garbage because honestly in certain bodies it may not be that case. Have you ever eaten something and then felt really sweaty afterwards and excitable or nervous or maybe shaky have you ever had a cup of coffee and had the Jitters that’s because of intolerance so if the same thing happens we’ll take him to medication you have to look at it the same way intolerance and go to the source to find out and if the medicines may be diluted a little bit or maybe up in milligrams a little bit might cause different reactions you just have to find what makes your body feel the most comfortable at the time that you take it and ongoing so that you can be as comfortable as possible and not everything is going to be perfect because we weren’t born to take things into our body that are not natural. So the least side effects is my point the better you feel on it is my point and go to the source which is your body your biological system and the tolerance it has for whatever you’re putting into your system and that’s where the problems are as far as intolerance mild allergies or oncoming severe allergy reactions especially with the rashes and the itchiness and the stomach aches and the headaches that’s all allergy symptoms and closely related to anaphylaxis as far as any itching hives or shortness of breath as well. I hope I help some people thank you for reading and God bless you and feel free to comment or if you’d like to respond. Feel free and thank you so much!

  8. Crazy mike on February 27, 2022 at 10:25 pm

    Hello has anyone had experience with the generic tablets made by hikma? I usually get the generic tablets made by mallinckrodt. This last month I was given the hikma ones and by the 3rd day I was sick as a dog. When I see my doctor in a couple weeks I’m either going to have her send the script to a pharmacy that has the mallinckrodt brand or I’m going to switch to strips. I could use some help are there strips out there that work better than the tablets I normally get or should I not switch. Thanks for input ahead of time.

    • Crazy mike on February 27, 2022 at 10:26 pm

      You can email me response if easier [email protected]

    • Tyler on March 11, 2022 at 7:50 am

      Crazy Mike I am in the exact same dilemma as you. I’ve always had the malinckrodt and my last script a few days ago they told me they can’t get them anymore. So after calling all over with no luck I settled with amneal brand and they suck. I’m considering the strips next time too, but only if I can get the name brand ones. I don’t know if they are available or not though. I thought maybe I will call the pharmacy before I go to my doc and ask if they can get the name brand strips before I talk to my doctor about switching. It just sucks there is so much inconsistency with all these generics. I wish you the best man and hope we both get it figured out soon.

  9. Peter on March 23, 2022 at 5:43 pm

    I really funny to read all the comments. The Dr Reddy´s generic strip product was developed is the US and is now produced in the US as well.
    The product´s composition is pretty close in term of excipients and has been tested during clinical trial.
    They are all quite close, that why the brand sued them!!

    So it´s hard to understand why they should no work…

    • Andrew Stephen on March 24, 2022 at 4:06 pm

      I agree. And yet, they do cause side-effects that are very strange. I went through it after 5 years of taking generic tablets and original films. What’s interesting is that the initial reason Indivior UK sued Dr. Reddy’s was because of patent infringement. Indivior UK held the patent for the Suboxone sublingual films. Dr. Reddy’s released their sublingual films before the patent expired, but I think (not positive) that the U.S. allowed Dr. Reddy’s to manufacture and sell their films due to the opioid epidemic. I’;ll research this and reply later. Thanks for sharing Peter.

  10. Bre on March 26, 2022 at 3:05 am

    I have been on Suboxone treatment since the end of November. I’m on the films. I pay for quick md every month as well as my prescription. Their is no way I can afford the original Suboxone films! However, I have been put on Mylan which works great! Absolutely no cravings, no pains makes me feel like a normal human being. A little sleepy at first when you start taking them of course. But nothing compared to taking Dr.Reddy. Last month my original pharmacy was out so I decided to switch. They gave me Dr. Reddy. I didn’t think nothing about it. Considering I’ve never had issues before with generic brands ever! I noticed right away a difference. I started noticing my cravings creeping back in, then I was always tired! A groggy never get enough sleep tired. To aches and pain all through out my body. Horrible mood swings. I was super close to relapsing and felt hopeless. Little did I figure it out what the initial problem was. Them Dr.Reddys are a joke!!’ They should be pulled from the pharmacies and completely banned!! I didn’t realize it was them I really thought it was me thinking That Suboxone wasn’t working for me anymore. I became depressed. I started reading reviews I. The reddys and saw I wasn’t crazy! So far what I came to realize is that the reddys are by far listed as the worst generic brand there is. Stay away from them if you can. Especially if you are serious about your recovery. Today I had the video call with my doctor and explained to him what had happened asked him if I could go back to my original pharmacy to get the same ones I was receiving which are the Mylans. He said sure and also that he also heard this week the same thing about dr.reddy he believe me. I’m never going back to that other pharmacy. If my pharmacy is out I will wait for them to be back in stock! Mylan is great! If you are new to recovery and can’t afford the original Suboxone or your insurance won’t cover it, in my opinion stay clear from them reddys and ask if they have Mylan. I wish only but the best for everyone to that is in recovery. Please do not allow anyone to tell you it’s in your head blah blah blah. Coming from someone that’s never had any problems before with generic medication I’m talking creams pills you name it. I never cared. Their is most certainly a Huge difference in the different generic forms of Suboxone. Take care y’all ! I will reply to anyone that has any questions or concerns

    • Andrew Stephen on March 26, 2022 at 7:01 pm

      Thank you for sharing this! More and more people are struggling with Dr. Reddy’s generic Suboxone than ever before, and more people are hearing the same things: “It’s all in your head” “You’re an addict, so you just want to get high” “It’s the same stuff”. No, it’s not the same stuff. Not Dr. Reddy’s anyway. You’re not crazy and I’m grateful you have a doctor who listened to you and was willing to help. Most addiction doctors are awesome and happy to help, but you have to be honest and you have to tell them how you’re feeling. Feel free to share this blog with anyone you know who’s in recovery. People have printed this page and showed their doctor just how many people struggle with Dr. Reddy’s and gotten a different medication as a result. Great job Bre! You did all the right things! Please keep us posted on your recovery. We love success stories!!

  11. TJ Richards on April 13, 2022 at 5:08 pm

    I have been on and off suboxone for over a decade. I starting taking regular name brand when they first came out and never had any issue with the name brand tablets/ films, or subutex for that matter. They all do their job. I made a huge mistake and got on methadone, some of us know the nightmares that come from that road. Any way long story short, I made the jump from methadone to suboxone, so i went to bicycle health for a sub script. Nowadays the name brand is impossible to afford on self pay. So they prescribed me dr. reddys at first 8 mgs. Obviously coming off of methadone (when it was finally time to take) subs I felt better than methadone wdrawls but whether I took 2mgs or 8mgs or 24mgs of reddys, there was some “other” effects going on. Stomach pain like you wouldn’t believe (and stomach related issues if you know what I mean), every day. Woke up everyday in hell, then take reddys and stopped wd like feelings but had headache, stomach pain, and leg cramps. So the really weird thing about reddys is sometimes I felt good. Sometimes I felt terrible, in my opinion, they are not all made equally is the problem. FOR ALL YOU NAYSAYERS out there, let me tell you one fact about addicts. The “placebo effect” does NOT work on us. If you are an addict you know exactly what I am talking about. We learn over years of abuse and torture to ourselves, EXACTLY how we feel, what kind of feeling, what level of feeling, down to a science. Basically I know when I am dopesick and I know when I am well. Reddys for me was all over the place. Before reddys I, like everyone else thought a generic is the exact same thing as the name brand, vicodin is no better than hydrocodone, Oxycontin feels just as good as oxycodone, it took me a little longer to justify switching off dr. reddy to Mylan, because I thought maybe methadone wds were playing a major role in this. Skip to me being on reddys for 4 months. While still theoretically possible to still feel some sort of acute wds from methadone, regular suboxone name brand would have me stabilized by now. Relapsing would have me stabilized by now, so the dr reddys and its host of side effects I have never had on suboxone before, were a major red flag. So I gave it some time to see if it would improve but no, it doesn’t so I talked to my dr. to switch me to another generic sub. She got me set up with Mylan. The proof is in the suboxone pudding! On reddys I was taking 24mgs a day / 3 strips. Still sick and still craved. Took an 8 mg Mylan and took another later in afternoon as prescribed and realized that wayyyy over did it, Mylan actually works so I only need probably 1 8mg strip a day versus the 3 I was taking of dr reddys. Last note, if something works for you, great. Carry on living the good life, but to try and tell someone they are stupid or crazy for feeling negative side effects, what the hell do you know. “Oh, I googled some facts from some website, so basically I am an expert on the subject.” No you’re not. You read something and repeated it. Experience is where you get the expertise.

    • Andrew Stephen on April 13, 2022 at 5:28 pm

      This is AWESOME! I love it when someone has a success story with another brand and shares it. It helps prove that not all generic brands are bad. It really seems like Dr. Reddy’s is the biggest issue. Thanks again TJ!

  12. Amber on April 20, 2022 at 5:21 am

    I went to my doctor April 5th for our three month visit, I been on suboxone brand for nearly six years
    Take it back almost six years ago, I landed in the ER with endocarditis & been sober since then, June 5th 2016. And after emergency open heart surgery they put me on suboxone almost
    Immediately once I was learning how to walk and eat again.

    Anywho my doctor writes me three month 28-day scripts, “dispense as written” or what not. Well Tuesday April 5th she blindsided me that she can no longer prescribe me the name brand suboxone because New York State won’t allow ANY insurances to cover the name brand because of the cost and the street value of the drug. Sounded like a bunch of bs.
    I have pretty good insurances and never had any issues with anything. I then asked her well can I pay out of pocket?? And she said no. The only way to get the brand is if I’m in anaphylactic shock or have serious complications. Or near death probably.
    Which I am dealing with complications from the yellow generics she put me on. She gladly upped my dose as well. I already suffer from chronic migraines and get 40 something shots of Botox in my skull neck and shoulders every three months as well. I also suffer with arthritis throughout my body and constant pain in my chest from when they cracked me open for heart surgery almost six years ago.
    Now A coworker of mine is also on suboxone and goes through a different doctor and he told me he had no issues having his doctor keep him on the name brand, and he’s only recently been on them. Not sure how entirely true that is since I’m having a hard time getting a doctor name from him.
    My headaches are so bad, my migraine meds don’t touch the pain from it, i have episodes through out the day of hot flashes palpitations and a whirl of anxiety. And some of my coworkers have commented on how short my fuse has been. I been very irritable.

    I had contacted my provider a few days after giving the generic a try and she said there’s nothing she can do until I see her again in the beginning of may. I begged to try another generic.

    When they first switched to generics back in March 2019 after a week or two of Dr Reddys, i was able to bring the rest of my script and swap it out for the name brand. But that was at a different facility. And ever since then and changed doctors once, they would always write dispense as written and
    I’d receive the suboxone brand.

    I don’t know it all sucks. Why change something if it’s working just fine. And did this really
    Happen overnight? Seriously. I wish I was warned, I’m not sure what exactly it would have helped but I feel kind of deceived and completely blindsided.
    I’m really contemplating getting on sublocade, I do want to get off this stuff. I know sublocade is manufactured by Indivior. (I’m pretty sure?)Which makes suboxone. I just wanted to do it on my time and not be forced into doing something I’m not ready for.
    For the first time in over ten years I’m holding down a full time job, paying for a roof over my head, managing all my doctors appts as I have a lot of health issues since I got sick 6 years ago. Working on finding a new apartment, saving up to pay DMV fines etc.

    This is the last thing I need to deal with right now.

    Anyone else dealing with a similar situation?

    • Melanie on July 29, 2022 at 4:54 am

      Call your insurance company and see if its true that you can only get generics or if you can still get brand with a pre authorization from Dr because of your allergy. If you can still get it and they say yes confront her. Of she still denies you report her and get a new dr. It’s your right for fair pain and health treatment.

  13. XCOPY on August 7, 2022 at 8:48 am


    I have been around the world and back again with Suboxone by my side. I have noticed very few reports on Mylan’s Variety.

    I started out on brand as did many, then was moved to Dr.Reddy (oh boy did that transition suck) however once stabilized it still did what it needed to do. I tried a few others before happening upon Mylan when the chemist (pharmacy) switched it up from Dr.Reddy to Mylan. However, as I had experienced withdrawals switching from brand to Dr.Reddy, I was pleasantly surprised that the Mylan was significantly stronger than the Dr.Reddy. While I have not had the brand med since switching from Dr.Reddy to Mylan I can safely say of all of the generics the strongest by far is Mylan. In my experience. Also no skin issues or anything of that sort with the Mylan. I give it a stamp of approval.

  14. XCOPY on August 7, 2022 at 8:51 am

    Also, a slower dissolve rate than Dr.Reddy on par with brand dissolve rate.

  15. Domenic on August 16, 2022 at 9:41 pm

    I have over the years been prescribed every generic variation of Suboxone and I can say without reservation that the effects of one for indistinguishable from another. Maybe it’s just my chemistry. Maybe understanding bio equivalency and the strict regulations our government puts on drugs allowed me a bit of protection from the REAL effect that expectations can have. Someone may not have the proper knowledge and is simply going on the gossip that he/she is hearing within they’re given community as well as online and believing those misinformed thoughts will cause a measurable decrease in effectiveness. Just my thoughts. I try to conform my beliefs to the evidence available.

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