Generic Suboxone Films Coming to Nashville on the Cheap

If you’re in opioid recovery, then chances are you’ve tried Suboxone sublingual films, Zubsolv, Bunavail, Subutex and/or the generic Suboxone tablets. Until now, those have been the only options for people needing Buprenorphine as part of their MAT recovery.

What if there’s an option of getting a generic Suboxone film at a fraction of the price?

Great news for Suboxone film lovers… Nashville, Tennessee area pharmacies are about to receive not one, not two, but possibly three generic versions of the popular (yet very expensive) Suboxone films. Pricing for insured patients may be $0 or as little as $10 for a month’s supply of  or even no cost at all. Pricing for non-insured patients may be as low as $150 for a month’s supply (approx generic Suboxone 56 films).

Generic Suboxone Films Were Here, Then They Disappeared. What Happened?

In 2018 a small handful of Nashville addiction recovery patients may have received a generic Suboxone film manufactured by Dr Reddy’s. Then, like a rabbit in a hat, they vanished. It turns out that some of the generic films by Dr. Reddy’s actually made it to some Nashville area pharmacies, but were then pulled due to legal issues posed by Indivior UK, the maker’s of Suboxone films and Subutex tablets. Suboxone film copyright infringement being the case.

Suboxone is to Buprenorphine & Naloxone Like Vice Grips is to Adjustable Wrenches – It’s a Brand-Name

Suboxone is a registered trademark owned by Indivior UK Ltd, the manufacturers of the Suboxone Films. Subutex is also a registered trademark owned by Indivior UK Ltd for their “buprenorphine-only” tablet. Oddly enough, even Indivior is coming to market with a generic version of its Suboxone films, and will be marketed by Novartis.

It Appears the FDA May Have Overridden Indivior’s Suboxone Sublingual Film Patent in an Attempt to Help Addicts

Regardless of how or why the FDA may have bypassed Indivior’s copyright lawsuit, the result is that three manufacturers are releasing a generic “Suboxone-like film” in April 2019. So far as we know, Nashville area pharmacies may stock one, two or all three of the generic strips, pending pricing and availability. The three known manufacturers of the generic Suboxone strips are listed below.

Generic Suboxone Film Providers
Dr. Reddy’s
Novartis (Indivior’s generic version of its Suboxone film)

Generic Suboxone Film Pricing, Availability and Coupons Coming Soon to Nashville Recovery

We’ll be sure to publish Nashville area pharmacy availability, current pricing and discount coupons for generic Suboxone Films on our Suboxone Pricing and Coupons Page just as soon as it’s available.

Until then, Stay Clean 🙂


  1. Adam P on October 11, 2020 at 5:56 pm

    Is a strip with just an “8” printed on it real? I cant find a single thing or picture of the one i have. It says from dr. Reddys labs inc on the package

    • Andrew Stephen on October 12, 2020 at 2:56 pm

      Actual Suboxone strips have “N8” printed on the films. Can you send a pic?

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