The Four-Part Recovery Program that Works at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville

We wanted to take a minute and answer the most common questions about the four-part medically-assisted drug treatment program at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville. As you’ll see, not all Suboxone clinics are the same.

Question: How is Nashville Recovery different than the other Nashville-area Suboxone clinics?”

Answer:  The most important difference is that we actually care about our patients and their recovery. Some people either don’t or won’t believe that. Then, when they come visit us and are approached with a newer, more personal form of recovery that includes therapy, they believe it. As a business we have to have revenue, so money is part of the system. Yet, we’ve always tried to put our patients needs first, and the financial side seems to work itself out.

Question: You offer free weekly one-on-one therapy for your monthly-paying patients. Why?

Answer: First, the patients who pay monthly are on a much better recovery track. The last thing a patient should be worrying about is, “will I run out of medicine?” That’s too similar to their pill-chasing days. Paying by the month means not having to think about the medication-side of things, which is much healthier recovery. Second, We offer the therapy to those who want it, knowing that medication is not the sole answer. Real recovery requires making changes, making different choices, changing bad habits, etc. A therapist is one of the best ways we can help people see and make these life-changes. As far as we know, we’re the only clinic in Nashville to offer therapy with a Certified Addiction Therapist as part of our recovery program.

Question: What does “technology” have to do with Nashville Suboxone Recovery?

Answer: Technology is just another tool we offer our patients for both better recovery and convenience. Telemedicine allows patients the ability to receive care despite their location of schedule when necessary. Telemedicine creates a bridge of communication that helps keep our patients connected to the clinic staff between appointments, and also provides a sense of community.

Question: How has texting become important to recovery patients?

Answer: We’ve learned that SMS text can be a really great tool for people who have questions but perhaps are not quite ready to set an appointment. It allows them anonymity until they feel comfortable with us. SMS also allows for faster communication when scheduling or rescheduling appointments.

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