Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center in Nashville

It’s easy and typical for most any business to say “We’re the best!” and list all the reasons why they are better than their competitor. It’s also easy to forget the purpose and culture of your business when marketing it, choosing promotion over intent. I know, because I’ve done it. It’s easy to forget the most important aspect of helping people who are addicted to opioids – help people find an addiction treatment center that’s right for them.

Why Do We Spend so Much Time and Energy Spreading the Good Word About Nashville Recovery?
That’s easy – Only 1 of every 10 people who are addicted receive treatment.

When people speak of the “opioid epidemic” they assume it’s getting under control and that big strides have been made to help those in need. Sadly, we’re not even close to solving this problem. There’s 10-times more people who are addicted and still have not found treatment.

My goal for Nashville Recovery has always been to become a trusted resource for addiction treatment information. And, if by providing free information we can help steer people into opioid recovery, even if it’s at another clinic, then we have a responsibility to do so.

One of the reasons we spend so much time and energy marketing Nashville Recovery is because there are still millions of people who don’t know this type of recovery exists. They have no idea that Suboxone can eliminate withdrawals, allow them to continue working, keep them with their family, and start them on a road to living clean and sober for the rest of their life. Suboxone is by far the best and easiest solution for overcoming opioid addiction, and I say that from my personal experience taking Suboxone. Suboxone is a miracle and it saved my life.

My Two Week Search for an Addiction Treatment Center in January 2014

In January 2014 I was in a very bad place. I had gone to a “top 5” inpatient treatment center and was relapsing week after week, over and over again. I actually lost count as to how many times I relapsed. I felt like a total failure. I let me down, my family down, my work was suffering, my son was starting to ignore me, my wife was ready to leave… I was completely hopeless.

I assumed it was my lack of willpower that was keeping me addicted to opioids. I had no idea that addiction is a disease, and that the “choice” to quit had been taken away from me the very first day I took opioids. I’m just one of the lucky ones who found a remedy taking hydrocodone, oxycodone and OxyContin.

At first, narcotic pain pills solved all of my problems:

  • Eliminated my back pain
  • Gave me motivation
  • Made me feel like I fit in
  • Gave me energy (weird, right?)

When I took opioids I’d get a huge boost of energy. And, I was taking over 200mg of oxycodone every day. Most people will take 5-10mg of oxy and they’re ready to lay down and go to sleep. Not me. I was ready to repaint the whole house every time I took pain pills.

Narcotic Pain Pills Solved All of My Problems…. Until They Didn’t

No matter what I tried, I could not stop taking those damn pills. I tried tapering, and would end up taking even more. I tried stopping cold turkey and would go through a couple days of withdrawals and give in. I tried drinking lots of alcohol to help with the withdrawals, but then I’d get ever more sick, and worse, I’d start desiring cocaine. Talk about a miserable circle of death. I was convinced I needed something in my system at all times to cope with life and avoid withdrawals.

I couldn’t imagine life WITH PILLS and I couldn’t imagine life WITHOUT PILLS

I was ready to get help or die. I couldn’t imagine life with pills and I couldn’t imagine life without pills. Every time I thought about being clean I couldn’t help but feel it just wasn’t an option for me. I believed in my heart I would always need something, even something small in my system every day just to maintain sanity and not go into withdrawal.

I was taking an average of 225mg of oxycodone and OxyContin each day. I did that for three years, and had been taking pills for over 13 years every single day. I was the definition of the word “Addicted”. Getting clean was like a mirage. Other people could do it, but not me. I felt I was different somehow. Turns out, I’m just like everyone else – Thank God.

I Knew an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center Was My Only Hope – My Last Resort

I spent two weeks visiting outpatient addiction clinics in the Nashville area hoping to find one that provided what I needed to get clean and stay clean:

  • Prescribe Suboxone
  • Provide private therapy
  • A friendly staff that would make me feel good about my recovery and my visits
  • A clean, comfortable, positive atmosphere
  • A doctor that would allow me to take Suboxone for as long as I needed to
  • A doctor that would help me taper slowly and gradually, not abruptly

Sadly, I didn’t find what I was looking for back in January of 2014.

Good Addiction Treatment Centers in Nashville are Finally Here

This is usually the place in the article where I tout all of Nashville Recovery’s benefits over the other outpatient addiction treatment centers in Nashville. Yet the truth is, there are lots of good addiction treatment centers in Middle Tennessee. Many I would recommend to anyone looking to get clean from their opioid addiction.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go – As Long as You Actually Go

Like me six years ago, many people don’t think or perhaps even know there’s a solution for their opioid addiction. They think they’re a special case, take too many pills, have used for too long and simply can’t be helped. The good news is they’re wrong. I won’t say all outpatient addiction treatment centers in Nashville are great, but I will say that as long as you find a clinic that is state licensed, provides Suboxone and private therapy, and appear to have your best interests at heart, then you can probably get clean.

The Key is Just Getting Started

Don’t wait – Get started today. Choose a clinic, make the appointment and get going. Even if the clinic you choose isn;t right for you, at least you’re taking a step in the right direction. Once you start Suboxone you’re probably going to feel a whole lot better and that should buy you some time to hunt for the perfect clinic.

Taking Action is the First Step in Addiction Treatment

The truth is, Nashville Recovery IS different than most other addiction treatment centers. Here’s a few bullet points to help you compare us to other state licensed addiction treatment centers:

  • We are state licensed. Most addiction treatment centers in Nashville are not state licensed. Being state licensed means we go through annual audits that ensure we are providing the most up to date guidelines and procedures for outstanding opioid recovery)
  • We provide and promote free weekly therapy to all of our clients
  • We are owned by people in recovery. (No one knows addiction like an addict in recovery!)
  • We provide a very positive atmosphere and a staff that’s motivational for your recovery
  • We don’t judge people. We don’t care what you’ve done in the past. What matters is what you do right now.

You’ve probably had enough people judge you and put you down for your addiction. What if you had a place to go where people lifted you up? Made you feel like a human being and helped you overcome a disease that is taking your life away? That’s what we do.

We Are Determined to Help You Succeed

Nashville Recovery’s staff is determined to help you succeed. We provide the education, medicines, therapy, tools, motivation and opportunity to change your life for the better. And, we stick with you for as long as needed, since everyone’s path is different. You might need three months or you might need three years. Does it really matter how long it takes if it changes your life forever? We provide recovery for as long as you need it, we won’t tell you when to stop or when to taper. It’s totally up to you.

If you would like to try Nashville Recovery, you can schedule a phone or video appointment today and begin taking Suboxone immediately. Weekly phone, video and clinic therapy is provided at no additional charge to all clients.

Addiction treatment via telemedicine has made opioid recovery faster, easier and more affordable than ever before. You simply can’t choose a better time to start addiction treatment then right now.

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