How Long Should I Stay on Suboxone?

How Long Should I Stay on Suboxone? Learn the best length of time to stay on Suboxone for opioid addiction

Medication Assisted Recovery (ie: MAT) is used for treating those who are chemically-dependent on opioid drugs. (ie: OxyContin, oxycodone, heroin, hydrocodone, Opana, oxymorphone, etc.) Suboxone (buprenorphine & naloxone) is used to help “virtually eliminate withdrawals and cravings”, while also helping prevent relapse. Though some people report feeling minor euphoria when first taking Suboxone, they typically…

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What Happens if You Stay Addicted?

The Illusion opioid euphoria gives you is that life is good - Nashville Suboxone Recovery 615-431-3701

Having been hopeless, anxious and depressed for over 10 years thanks to opioid addiction, I can tell you exactly what happens when you don’t take action against your addiction. In short, life absolutely sucks. That’s because opioids are like a chameleon in the way they trick your brain into thinking things are okay. Living Day…

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How to Easily Save $1000’s in Addiction Recovery

Addiction can destroy a family’s financial stability in no time. Begging, borrowing and stealing money, looking for things to pawn, piling up credit card debt and paycheck loans, etc. Sound familiar? The Financial Facts About Addiction A moderate oxycodone user spends an average $150 to $200 per day buying pills on the street. That’s over…

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The Key to Long-Term Recovery is Group Recovery

Recovery from drug addiction happens in stages: Induction – Transition from harmful drugs to Suboxone The first step after making an appointment is replacing harmful street and prescription drugs with Suboxone. While also addictive, it is the lesser of two evils. Not only does Suboxone virtually eliminate withdrawals and cravings, it also allow the body…

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Maybe It’s Time You Got Some Help with Your Addiction

Getting clean might not be as difficult as you might imagine. Technology has changed in the past 5-10 years, making getting off pills (and even heroin) easier than ever before. The Suboxone doctors and staff at Nashville Suboxone Recovery treat each patient as an individual, helping them overcome addiction, as well as how to avoid…

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Addiction Epidemic May Have Been Orchestrated Says New Lawsuit Against the Sackler Family – Makers of OxyContin

Addiction is no laughing matter. It’s a disease that in recent years has gone completely off the rails. Some people think the addiction epidemic was going to come no matter what due to changes in the modern family lifestyle, like working too much, work pressure, money and financial issues, etc. Others, are convinced the addiction…

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