Dopesick Withdrawals are Killer in Nashville Opioid Crisis

Suboxone puts an end to being dopesick

If you haven’t watched Dopesick on Hulu yet, you’re really missing out. Never has there been a more perfect expose’ (turned into a very entertaining drama) about the opioid epidemic and its relationship to OxyContin. OxyContin is the pain medication manufactured and marketed by the Sackler family, private owners of Purdue Pharma. Years ago, we…

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It’s Not Your Fault – Addiction is a Disease

Opioid Addiction Recovery Center Nashville Suboxone Recovery Clinic

How often does someone who’s addicted hear silly things like, “Don’t you have any willpower? Just quit, it’s not that hard! Put your mind to it and you can do anything!” Trust me, if an addict could simply quit, they would. But, they can’t. It’s just not that easy. When you get addicted, it’s very…

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How Long Should I Stay on Suboxone?

How Long Should I Stay on Suboxone? Learn the best length of time to stay on Suboxone for opioid addiction

Medication Assisted Recovery (ie: MAT) is used for treating those who are chemically-dependent on opioid drugs. (ie: OxyContin, oxycodone, heroin, hydrocodone, Opana, oxymorphone, etc.) Suboxone (buprenorphine & naloxone) is used to help “virtually eliminate withdrawals and cravings”, while also helping prevent relapse. Though some people report feeling minor euphoria when first taking Suboxone, they typically…

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Suboxone Medicines Compared: Suboxone Films, Bunavail, Zubsolv, Subutex, Generic Tablets and Generic Suboxone Films

If you’re new to opioid recovery or even a veteran, then you probably know there’s at least 5 different Suboxone-like medications to choose from along with multiple generic tablets and films. All of these anti-withdrawal medications contain the same two ingredients, buprenorphine and naloxone, except for Subutex which is a buprenorphine-only medication for those who…

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A Free Rose for All Mom’s Friday May 10

On Friday May 10, Nashville Recovery will celebrate Mother’s Day by providing a free rose to all mom’s with an appointment. Mom’s do all the thanLet’s not forget, mom’s do all the thankless work that no one else can, and do it with unconditional love like no one else ever could. THANK YOU MOM, FOR…

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Smoking and Drinking in Early Age May Accelerate Teen Addiction

According to Center on Addiction, the earlier an individual starts smoking, drinking, the greater the likelihood of developing addiction. Addiction may very well begin casually in teens who are thinking about having fun, rather than being focused or even aware of taking addictive substances. Here are a few notes that support this theory: 9 out…

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Maybe It’s Time You Got Some Help with Your Addiction

Getting clean might not be as difficult as you might imagine. Technology has changed in the past 5-10 years, making getting off pills (and even heroin) easier than ever before. The Suboxone doctors and staff at Nashville Suboxone Recovery treat each patient as an individual, helping them overcome addiction, as well as how to avoid…

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Get Clean, Change Your Life, and Save Money?

Many people in the throws of addiction are surprised at just how much money they spend on the street buying pills. Especially, when they look at it on a monthly basis. “It’s easy to spend $600 to $700 a week on Oxy when you buy it on the street.” Many people who are buying pills…

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