Staying Clean Means Budgeting for Recovery Costs

If You’re Not Clean, Nothing Else Matters

How good of a father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, or friend are you when you’re using drugs? For me, it was “not so much”.

Recovery is Not at All What I Thought it Would Be
When I started in my recovery I assumed it would be a chore – something that’s difficult that I would hate doing, but needed to do in order to stay alive. What I found is that recovery is greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. 

Once I got clean, everything else in my life worked itself out, and I had a lot of “working out” to deal with. Recovery has allowed me to completely transform my life into a life of meaning, happiness, and even prosperity.

Having been in recovery since January 2013, I believe anyone can transform their life like I did, if not much more, with very little effort.

Life Will Get Better, and Then Keep Getting Better
No matter where you are in life currently, I can promise you that life will get amazing if you’ll just do two very simple things:

  1. Plan ahead for recovery costs. There’s nothing more important.
  2. Use your newfound clarity to focus on what you really want in life.

Planning Ahead for Recovery Costs
People often fail in recovery by not budgeting properly for their recovery costs. Recovery isn’t cheap, but guess what? You’re totally worth it!

Recovery with health insurance will cost approximately $400 each month. Recovery without health insurance will cost about $550 each month.  If a recovery program is the key to your success like it is mine, then you need to make sure you pay your recovery bill every single month.

A Few Ways to Save $ for Your Recovery:

  • Put $20 in a jar every day
  • Open a “recovery” savings account
  • Use automatic debit on each paycheck to save money for recovery

Send me a text at (615) 431-3701 to let me know how you’re preparing for your recovery each month.