Addiction Sucks… Thank God There’s a Solution

Addiction Sucks. Thank God there’s a solution right here in Middle Tennessee.

Nashville Recovery empowers people to tackle their addiction once and for all, but that’s not all. We also help our people transform their lives by providing a series of tips and suggestions for their first four months in recovery. No wonder we’re one of the highest-rated outpatient recovery clinics in Middle Tennessee. We really want to help people, and we can help you 🙂

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Why Suboxone Therapy?

Withdrawal from stopping opioid usage abruptly can be awful, preventing you from sleep, work, eating, and most any other type pf activity. Suboxone removes withdrawals and even prevents cravings, which makes stopping opioid usage not only possible, but extremely comfortable for most people who are addicted.

Free Weekly Therapy for All Monthly Patients

Seeing a therapist can cost between $80 and $140 per visit. As part of your recovery at Nashville Recovery you can see your therapist once per week at no additional charge! That means that for one low monthly fee of $350 you can see your doctor once (for prescriptions) and your therapist up to four times. Where else can you get treated for addiction, anxiety and depression, and also spend time with an MBA-level addiction therapist?

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