Addiction Sucks – But, Quitting is Now Easier Than Ever

Don’t get caught in the vacuum of addiction. Addiction sucks.

Addiction is rampant in the USA, affecting nearly 1 out of every 8 people. Addiction is a disease, and if you have it then you know how bad things can get.

I remember just 6 years ago having to drink my son’s cough medicine with codeine in it just to make it until the pharmacy opened so I could get my monthly refill of oxycodone and OxyContin. I used a 24-hour pharmacy, so I could go at midnight, vs. waiting until the next morning.

Like clockwork, I was there at the pharmacy at midnight every 30 days, waiting for my monthly refills.

When I had a bad day with pain, I’d generally take an extra pill, knowing the consequences it meant at the end of the month. For whatever reason, it just didn’t seem to matter. Taking pills and even taking extra pills was all about getting relief “right now”, despite the ramifications of running out at the end of every month.

Then, buying on the street became the norm for me. At first, I bought oxycodone on the street to supplement my prescriptions when I’d fallen short due to taking an extra pill here and there throughout the month.

Then came the regularity of buying on the street. I could spend a few hundred bucks and get even more relief.

There’s Never Enough Pills
The sad part is, no matter how much I bought or was prescribed it was never enough. The more I got, the more I used, and my problem got worse and worse and worse.

Thank God for Suboxone!
Suboxone saved my life, my family, my career, and my sanity. Suboxone was the one and only solution that helped me stop the hourly cravings that came with oxycodone. Finally (thanks to Suboxone) I was able to stop thinking about pills 24/7, and begin rebuilding my life.

Suboxone Clinics of Nashville, Group Recovery and Therapy to the Rescue!
Suboxone alone was not the solution for me. I needed a more-immersive recovery experience to get me off pills, keep me off pills, change my thinking, develop new habits, and to help me grow up. The therapy atSuboxone Clinics of Nashville is excellent, and it’s provided as part of their service. Group recovery (I chose AA vs. NA) was the missing puzzle piece for me to finally learn about how to live life on life’s terms, and to finally grow up.

Nashville Suboxone Clinics recommends group recovery in addition to Suboxone and the therapy provided at the clinics. Most people who get into group recovery are surprised to learn just how great it is, and how wonderful the people are. For most, it’s the first time they feel like they fit in.

Addiction Sucks. Get help by calling or texting Suboxone Clinics of Nashville at (615) 431-3701 today.

Get your life back…

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