Addiction Recovery for Nashville Executives

If you’re a busy professional in the Nashville area who is sick and tired of being sick and tired, then Nashville Suboxone Recovery has the solution.

Addiction is not specific to any demographic or lifestyle. It affects all walks of life from Park Place to park bench. Nashville executives are no exception. They too can suffer from having gotten caught up in the chase for pain pills.

The Common Story of Addiction for Executives
Many people get addicted to pain pills by simply visiting their family doctor for pain. Back, neck, etc. What starts as a remedy for relief can quickly turn into a habit that can’t be stopped without help. Next, some people transition to a “pain clinic”. Pain clinics typically specialize in helping people deal with chronic pain. A pain clinic can prescribe various combinations of fast and slow-acting pain relievers, such as OxyContin and oxycodone to help someone get relief.

Sadly, this is when things get serious. The higher-dose pills can and do get people addicted rather quickly, since withdrawals will typically set-in within hours of not taking just one pill.

Takin’ it to the Streets
Before long, one of two things can (and often does) happen that drives people to buy pain pills on the street:

  • Their pain clinic cuts their medication back. Or worse, cuts them off completely.
  • They feel they need more medication than is being prescribed.

Before long you have a full-blown addiction, along with a $200 – $300 per day habit.

The Solution – It’s Time to Get Your Life Back
When you finally get sick of the spending, the chasing, and the lying, hopefully you’ll seek a long-term solution. This is where Nashville Suboxone Recovery excels. We provide not only medicine to help with the cravings and withdrawals, we also provide weekly therapy (at no additional charge) to our patients. We also reach out to our patients each day, to make sure they stay the course, and to offer helpful suggestions n their recovery.

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