Addicted? Get Clean Without Withdrawals and Cravings

I remember clearly back in November 2013, the feelings of being scared, worried, maybe even terrified. How in the world was going to feel if I stopped taking Oxycodone and OxyContin?

I wanted to stop taking those pills more than anything else in my life, but those damn pills would not let me. On days when I’d try to cut back, I’d usually end up taking more. I would feel withdrawal symptoms kick-in about every two to three hours, forcing me to take another pill, and another pill, and another. How in the world was I going to completely stop taking Oxycodone and OxyContin when I could barely make it a couple of hours without giving in?

Suboxone and Therapy to the Rescue

After two weeks of intensive inpatient treatment at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, I got clean. But, I was feeling like utter hell. I remember it felt like a dump truck had run me over. No, I wasn’t taking pills, but the tiredness, weakness, and lack of motivation eventually drove me back to my pain doctor begging for relief. As always, they delivered with a new script.

I started going to AA in December 2013, and still had no idea how I could stop. Yet, the people in AA gave me hope that there is a solution, and I just needed some help.

On January 9, 2014, I started a Suboxone program and also started going to a therapist. I have not touched a drug since.

Suboxone Clinics of Nashville’s Program is based on what has worked for me. This same program is now working for hundreds of local Nashville residents who were fed up with addiction, and took action by setting an appointment at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville.

Over and over I’ve seen people drop off of recovery and go back to their old habits. Yet, I have stayed clean. How? Why?

The solution to beating my opioid addiction actually kind of simple:

  • Suboxone relieved my physical symptoms (removed my withdrawals and cravings)
  • Therapy helped resolve the issues that trigger my depressive / addictive behavior.
  • Group recovery helped me realize I am not alone.

This is the same program at Suboxone Clinics of Nashville that is helping hundreds of Nashville’s addicted population. By combining medication with outstanding therapy, people get better. They stop desiring the use of opioids. They resolve issues that drive their addictions. And, Suboxone typically relieves all of their withdrawal symptoms, and removes their cravings. They get their life back, and often feel better than they’ve ever felt.

As long as they stick with the program, they stay clean (Just like I have)

If you or someone you know is suffering from opioid addiction, Suboxone Clinics of Nashville has the solution that is helping hundreds of people get clean and stay clean. Not only that, many people transform their lives, since they finally learn the drivers that are triggering their addictive behavior. Combined with group recovery, people don’t just get clean, they resolve trauma, begin to feel great about themselves, and start living a happy, healthy life.

Get your life back.
Call or text Suboxone Clinics of Nashville today at (615) 431-3701, or CLICK HERE to schedule your Suboxone therapy this week – without withdrawals and cravings.

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