Accepting New Patients Tuesday January 15 & Friday January 18!

Did you know you do NOT need insurance to get into opioid recovery with medication and therapy?

You can start at Nashville Suboxone Recovery for just $200. No kidding. Most patients get their first two weeks of medication absolutely free. (See doctor for details)

And, we’re accepting new patients on the following days:

  • Tuesday, January 15th
  • Friday, January 18th
  • Saturday, January 19th

You can even get SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS by calling or texting us at (615) 431-3701, or by clicking the blue button (lower right) and scheduling your appointment online!

Why not make a change and start 2019 right by getting help with your addiction.

Things You Need to Know about Suboxone Recovery:

  1. Suboxone virtually eliminates withdrawals and cravings.
  2. You can return to work immediately following your appointments.
  3. You will feel better than you’ve felt in a long, long time.
  4. Your drive, mental clarity and motivation with increase dramatically when taking Suboxone.
  5. Most people report a sense of well being after taking Suboxone.
  6. Our addiction therapists are outstanding at helping people resolve issues that typically accompany addiction. Trauma, childhood events, relationships, anxiety, depression, etc., can all be discussed with our therapists.

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