$88 Per Week Suboxone Treatment Program – You Serious, Clark?

Suboxone Medication, Weekly Therapy, and Much More – Only $88 per Week

Suboxone Clinics of Nashville offers a three-part Suboxone-based recovery program that costs $1600 less than what many addicts are spending on pills each month.

The $88 Per Week Suboxone Program that Actually Works

The Suboxone Doctors at Suboxone Clinics Nashville offer a three-part recovery program that works by engaging patients in an affordable plan that eliminates withdrawals, cravings and relapse.

  1. Medication – Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv, Subutex, and their generic buprenorphine / naloxone equivalents are used to stabilize the physical aspects of addiction, helping the patient feel “normal” again. Cravings & withdrawals are gone, and the possibility of relapse is nearly eliminated.
  2. Behavioral Therapy – Our licensed addiction therapists guide patients into destroying old habits, developing newer / better habits, while making better life choices.
  3. Education – Knowledge is the key to freedom from addiction, and we’ve got lots of it. Recovery patients need to know what works, and what doesn’t work. We encourage patients to attend daily recovery meetings, work with a sponsor, while creating new, healthier life-choices that are free from drug abuse.

And now, the legal disclaimer we put in BOLD RED so you’d actually read it:
Suboxone Clinics Nashville offers an $88 per week program that is based on paying $350 per month. This program includes one or more visits with a medical doctor who will write your prescriptions, up to four visits with a certified addiction therapist, and lots of knowledge dropped on you about how to get clean and stay clean. Your medication is not included. However, we may be able to offer you two weeks of free medication on your first monthly visit, and we’re happy to file prior authorizations with your insurance company when needed so you don’t have to pay for your medication out of pocket.

How much are you worth per month? Are you, your family, kids, job, friends, worth the investment of getting clean and staying clean?
We certainly think so.

Call or text us at (615) 431-3701 to start your $88 per week recovery program at Nashville Recovery – Your Nashville Suboxone Doctors.

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