The 4 Hacks to Getting Clean and Staying Clean for Life Book

My name is Drew Bourke, and I own Nashville Recovery. I lost a brother to addiction and almost died myself. I’ve been in active recovery since December 2013. I suffered from opioid dependency for over 13 years until I created a solution for myself that covered all the bases with my addiction. I opened Nashville Recovery because of my personal experience when seeking help. Sadly, I found it very difficult to find a Nashville area addiction clinic that would treat me with kindness and respect, while providing me with a clear and simple plan for lifelong sobriety.

Recovery is not just a prescription to Suboxone. Suboxone is only the beginning. Suboxone gets us off the bad stuff so we can work, focus, get into therapy, join group recovery and begin working on the things that drive us to use drugs. If Suboxone is your only recovery tool, then you’ll never progress and truly recover. 

Nashville Recovery has become one of middle Tennessee’s highest-rated addiction clinics because everyone is treated with kindness and respect and they know in their heart that we have their best interests in mind. Every member of our staff has dealt with addiction in one form or another. No one is here to judge you – we’re here to help you heal yourself.  Read what our clients are saying in Google

I got very discouraged when I was ready to quit taking drugs because I couldn’t find a simple step-by-step road map for beating addiction and changing my life. I recently wrote a short book titled “The 4 Hacks to Getting Clean and Staying Clean for Life” to make it easy for anyone to get clean, stay clean and create a happy, purpose-filled life.

If you’re stuck in the throws of opioid addiction, chances are you’re feeling hopeless and have no clue as to where to begin.

I know I felt that way just 6 years ago. I had just gotten out of inpatient treatment and was relapsing over and over again. I felt like a total failure. I was letting everyone down, including myself. I was highly motivated, but lacked the information to change my life. Rarely is it a lack of willingness that keeps people from getting clean – It’s a lack of knowledge.

I honestly believed there was no hope for me beating my addiction. I actually prayed for death, since dying seemed better than living with active addiction.

“Where do I start? What do I need to do to get clean?” These are the two most commonly asked questions from our clients, and the same ones I had 6 years ago. I was willing to anything to get clean, but I had no idea where to start. Most everyone struggling with opioid addiction is missing the simple keys required for getting clean and staying clean for life.

“Rarely is it a lack of willingness that keeps people from getting clean – It’s a lack of knowledge.”

People who are addicted to opioids need a map – A simple map created by people who’ve already tried and tested the solutions to lifelong sobriety. That’s exactly what The 4 Hacks to Getting Clean is – A simple road map that anyone can follow to get clean and stay clean for life.


  1. You’re addicted and are ready to try something that’s tested and proven to get you clean and keep you clean for life.
  2. You have a friend or family member who’s addicted. You can use this knowledge to help others get clean.
  3. You’re an addict in recovery, and are looking to enhance your recovery. Many people get clean who are still miserable because they’re missing simple solutions that prevent them from living happily.

My Wish for You
I wrote this book based on my experience and that of hundreds of clients my clinic has been blessed to serve. I not only hope you read this book and follow the simple hacks to getting clean for life, but that you’ll also share it with others who are struggling with opioid addiction. You just might save someone’s life by doing so.

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