It’s Not Your Fault – Addiction is a Disease

Opioid Addiction Recovery Center Nashville Suboxone Recovery Clinic

How often does someone who’s addicted hear silly things like, “Don’t you have any willpower? Just quit, it’s not that hard! Put your mind to it and you can do anything!” Trust me, if an addict could simply quit, they would. But, they can’t. It’s just not that easy. When you get addicted, it’s very…

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How to Improve Your Recovery with Meditation

Opioid Addiction Recovery with Suboxone, Meditation, 12-Step Group, Therapy and Nashville Suboxone Recovery Clinic Doctors

As of this writing, I’ve written just over 120 posts for this website. Most of which are based on recovery, Suboxone, opioid addiction, depression, anxiety, etc. I can say without a doubt, this post is the most important of all of them. Keep reading and hopefully you’ll agree. I was 6 years into recovery before…

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How Does Suboxone Work and Why Do Opioid Addicts Need it?

“Suboxone” is the brand-name for Buprenorphine and Naloxone. There are now multiple generic versions of Suboxone available by prescription from a doctor who obtains an X-DEA license or “X-Waiver” as it is often referred. It is this “XDEA Waiver” that allows them to prescribe Suboxone. This is also reason most general practitioners do not prescribe…

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