$195 Fresh Start Program with Free Medicine at Nashville Recovery (Free Buprenorphine and Naloxone)

Get Clean for only $200 and get Free Medicine*

Who is This $200 Fresh Start Program For?

This revolutionary new “get clean with free medicine program” is designed for people who are tired of struggling with addiction, but need a little help getting started on a monthly Suboxone recovery program.

How Can I get Free Medicine for Two Weeks?

Nashville Recovery offers free Zubsolv medicine (similar to Suboxone), covering the first two weeks of medicine costs. This free buprenorphine / free naloxone medication is offered at no cost to patients who; have not been prescribed Zubsolv previously, are not currently pregnant, and do not have highly-elevated liver enzymes, or HEP-C. Other restrictions may apply. While supplies last.*

Zubsolv is a sublingual tablet that is placed under the tongue to dissolve. Zubsolv contains the same ingredients as Suboxone – Buprenorphine and Naloxone.

What if I Don’t Want Zubsolv?

No problem! Patients may choose other medications like Suboxone Films, Bunavail Films, or generic Suboxone tablets if they prefer. If you have insurance, Nashville Recovery will prescribe the medication your insurance provider covers, along with submitting a prior authorization for you. Generic Suboxone tablets are often preferred since they contain the same medication and strength as original Suboxone films, but cost about 1/4th as much. Click here to see current pricing and coupons in Nashville for generic Suboxone tablets.

How Soon Can I Start This $200 Program with Free Medicine?

Nashville Recovery is accepting new patients every Tuesday, through Saturday (by appointment only).
Call or text Nashville Recovery at (615) 431-3701 or choose an appointment type below:

There’s no need to live addicted another day. Get clean without withdrawals and transform your life forever. It’s time to get your life back.

Why Choose Nashville Recovery?

Nashville Recovery is one of the highest-rated State Licensed Outpatient Addiction Treatment Clinics in Middle Tennessee. We service all clients with board-certified physicians and MBA-level therapists. Our clients have voted us #1 in Google three years in a row because they love being treated with kindness and respect in a clean & friendly atmosphere. Our mission is to help people recover from drug abuse and help them transform their lives.

Call or text us today to begin a new way of life that is free from substance abuse: (615) 431-3701.
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What Happens at My First Appointment?

Get ready to feel a whole lot better! Click here to learn about what to expect at your first appointment at Nashville Recovery.